Bloodborne Map found in Dark Souls Remastered ends up a GTA V Mod

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Published by FileTrekker 6 months ago , last updated 6 months ago

Game secrets have always been a side interest of mine, especially when you look at older titles, with the plethora of cut assets, content, and often even entire levels. It was pretty cool therefor to see that this past week, a community member named Dropoff found Bloodborne within Dark Souls Remastered.

He found a hidden map file within the game labelled m99_99_98_00. Surprisngly, when he managed to open the map file, he discovered the entire Upper Cathedral Ward from the PS4 adventure game Bloodborne.

This isn't entirely unusual given that FromSoftware worked on both of these titles, but it's very unusual for an entire level from another game to appear. Could they possibly have tested porting this map over to the new engine / PC? It seems likely to be a test map of some kind, but the answer may never be fully known.

Interestingly, it's not the only level from another game found in the assets. An alternative version of Bolataria from Deamon's Souls was found within the game, possibly another test, and no doubt enthusiasts will be looking for differences between the verison found here and in the actual retail copy of Deamon's Souls.

The tale takes a stranger twist, however. Enter modder Lance McDonald, who decided to take things to the next level by taking the found map and porting it to, of all things, Grand Theft Auto V for PC.


And yes, that is a completely random thing to do.

The result does allow you to explore the map for yourself,  with the added hilarity of being able to do so with Michael, Franklin or the oddly appropriate to the setting Trevor. 

There isn't much to do other than explore, but it is an impressive map port nontheless and allows you to explore this random hidden asset from Dark Souls Remastered. 

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