Borderlands 2: Easter Eggs & Pop-Culture References

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Posted on September 18, 2012, Kevin Thielenhaus Borderlands 2: Easter Eggs & Pop-Culture References

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Borderlands 2 isn’t just twice the size of the original, it’s also twice as stuffed with references, easter eggs, and secrets. Check out our ever-growing selection, with accompanying video, of the many goofy tidbits littered throughout the new blockbuster from Gearbox.

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Easter Eggs & Pop-Culture References

Captain Scarlet DLC: Star Wars Easter Eggs

Captain Scarlet DLC: How to Find the Bioshock Easter Egg

  • During the quest, “Let There Be Light” you’ll travel upward to reach Magnys Lighthouse.
  • On the way, you’ll recognize a very familiar face if you’re a fan of Irrational’s gonzo FPS Bioshock.
  • Up the path, you’ll randomly encounter a unique enemy called “Mr. Bubbles” that resembles the Big Daddies from Bioshock.
  • The giant monster in an armored diving suit and drill has a small companion by his side named “Lil Sis“, a reference to the Little Sisters protected by Big Daddies in Bioshock.
  • As an added bonus, try killing Mr. Bubbles first then speaking with the Lil Sis for a unique weapon.

[Pic from SquishyMoobs' Youtube Channel]

Tannis Rides a Fish (Again)

  • Fast-travel to Sawtooth Cauldron. Continue forward and jump down to reach the Sawtooth Stilts.
  • At the Stilts, turn left and pass through the Smoking Guano Grotto. Eventually, you’ll reach the Main Street Reservoir. Continue until you’re at the very edge of the map, one the beach overlooking the reservoir itself.
  • Scattered around the beach, you’ll find five colored barrels. Shoot these in a specific order to activate the Easter Egg.
  1. Blue Barrel: Next to the arid plant-life near the water.
  2. Red Barrel: Turn around to face the huts, you’ll find a barrel at the left hut.
  3. Green Barrel: Turn around again and look out at the reservoir. Move closer to the edge of the water and look out at one of the small islands.
  4. Yellow Barrel: Just on the left, behind a wooden barricade.
  5. Purple Barrel: Right, near a pile of tires.

Konami Code

  • Enter this code at the title screen:
  • Up, Up, Down, Down, Left, Right, Left, Right, B (Crouch}, A (Jump), Start.
  • Go to the options menu, then to the gameplay section and look at the very bottom. The last entry should now say, “Extra Wub” which sadly does nothing.

Fallout 3

  • Randomly, you can find a Bandit Shotgun called “Thre Dog,” a reference to the Radio DJ of the same name in Fallout 3.

The Dark Knight

  • When you finish a specific quest, you’ll unlock a skin titled “Why so serious?”, a reference to the Joker of the film, colored white, purple, and green.


  • Sanctuary citizens love to spout the phrase, “I used to be a Vault Hunter like you, but then I took a bullet to the knee.”
  • A popular internet meme surrounded the line in Bethesda’s Skyrim, “I used to be an adventurer like you, then I took an arrow to the knee.”

Breaking Bad

  • Salvador can unlock a head called “Breaking Bald”, which makes him bald and bearded like the central character of Breaking Bad, Walter White.

How to find the Donkey Kong Easter Egg [Video]

  • To unlock the achievement, and discover the rare monster named Donkey Mong (an riff on Nintendo’s Donkey Kong) you’ll need to find him first.
  • You’ll need to reach the Eridium Blight. Be sure that you’re high enough level to easily handle the monsters there, as you’ll need to fight the more-difficult Donkey Mong.
  • Go to the southwest corner of the map, you’ll pass through a Hyperion gate on the way. Turn right off the path as you pass through the gate and up the hall.
  • Check out the hills with lots of Bullymongs and Rakts. There’s a chance Donkey Mong will randomly appear.
  • He’s a rare Mong. If he doesn’t appear, simply save and quit, then try again.
  • Like his namesake, Donkey Mong loves to throw the barrels on his back. Goodluck!

Where to Find the Minecraft Easter Egg

  • Hidden later in Borderlands 2, you’ll reach an area called the Caustic Caverns.
  • In the caverns, you’ll want to find train tracks in the northwest corner of the map; just keep checking your map and follow the tracks when you reach them.
  • The tracks will lead to a massive door. You’ll need to get around it to access this easter egg.
  • Turn right from the door, and jump over the Minecraft-esque cube blocks. Stick to the left wall and continue down the side path until you find actual Minecraft dirt blocks. Break through them with your melee attack to uncover the secret area.
  • It’s a Creeper! Defeat it to unlock Minecraft-inspired custom head and skin options. You may need to leave and come back multiple times to find all the Creeper has to drop.
  • Goodluck, and happy mining!

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Easter Egg [Video]

  • Once you make it to Sanctuary, begin this Level 14 side-quest by talking to Dr. Tannis in the Crimson Raiders HQ.
  • Complete more story-missions if she hasn’t offered it yet. Just keep checking back after each one, eventually you’ll be able to start.
  • The quest is called “Splinter Group” and tasks you with killing four mutant escapees from the Wildlife Exploitation Preserve, now hiding out in the Bloodshot Stronghold.
  • The four mutants aren’t just “well-armed” but “color-coordinated” too.
  • To gain access to their Sewer hideout, you’ll need to pretend to be a Pizza Deliveryman. Use the intercom, and the sewer grate will open.
  • Jumping down, you’ll enter the Rat’s Nest. Interact with the table ahead to place a pizza to attract the mutants.
  • They’ll reveal themselves and show off their referential names; Lee, Dan, Mick, and Ralph.
  • They are indeed color-coordinated, have shells on their backs, and use the same weapons as their corresponding turtle.
  • For one more joke, look at the mission debrief text after turning the mission in. References!
  • If you’re one of the few that doesn’t get the joke, here’s a short history lesson. The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles are four talking, catch-phrase spewing, walking turtles that starred in their own series of comics, movies, and cartoons. Each has their own ninja weapon of choice, are color-coordinated, and are named after classical Italian painters. Now you know.

Tribute to a Vault Hunter Achievement Guide [Video]

  • When you reach the town of Sanctuary, you can find Michael Mamaril hanging around some of the town’s major landmarks.
  • He can be found; inside the Crimson Raider’s HQ, Zed’s Clinic, the News Stand, Claptrap’s Corner, and other random locations around the city.
  • Once found, talk to him and take the weapon he offers to unlock the achievement.
  • You can only get one weapon per visit, but he’ll reappear after story missions. Take a look around town, and try to find him again for more rewards.

Best Claptrap Quotes Mashup

Fillion’s Fine Firearms

  • In the area “Liar’s Berg” you can find a sign labeled “Fillion’s Ammunition and Arms”. This is a reference to Nathan Fillion, star of the canceled sci-fi adventure show “Firefly” which featured a similar low-tech space-future setting.

Top Gun

  • In “The Dust” you can find an NPC named Loggins, a reference to Kenny Loggins, the man that gave us “Danger Zone” made famous in the movie Top Gun.
  • The NPC is a pilot, and he’ll offer up more refences to Top Gun like; “Where’s the Highway?”, “GOOOOSE!”, and “I’m requesting a fly-by.”

World of Warcraft

  • One of the Badass Challenges for saving money? “For the Hoard!


Complete the quest, “The Cold Shoulder” given by Scooter at the artic Fridge area. Enter the room after Laney leaves, you’ll reach a rat-filled path. At the end, you can find an area called the “Rakk Cave.” Inside, you’ll have to fight an enemy called “Rakkman” who uses smoke bombs and boomerangs to fight. This is all an elaborate reference to Batman, who lives in a Batcave and uses batarangs to fight crime.

Leeroy Jenkins!

A special mech enemy named Jimmy Jenkins exists, a reference to the Leeroy Jenkins character shown ruining a World of Warcraft raid with his suicidal charge.

The Lion King

Two more enemies appear as references to the Lion King’s Timon and Pumbaa. The meerkat and warthog are matched up as a the stalker Pimon, and the skrag Tumbaa in the Wildlife Exploitation Preserve.

Shaun of the Dead / Spaced

Both shows use the term “Fried gold” to describe great things, and a special skin for Maya is one of them.

The Internet (In General)

Look on the side of any portable toilet, you’ll see a sign exclaiming, “No Fapping!”

Borderlands 1

Check the monitors inside the Crimson HQ in Sanctuary. There, you can find a Facebook Easter Egg with all the original 4 Vault Hunters from Borderlands 1. Don’t forget to check the bottom left of the Tundra Express. Under the cliff, you can find a secret Developer’s treasure chest, ripe for the looting. In the Arid Badlands, you can also find landmarks from the starting area of the first Borderlands.

Hidden Skins, Hidden References

  • Four secret skins can be found. Medic Mantis and Metal Fear are references to “Psycho Mantis” and “Metal Gear” both from the Metal Gear Solid series.
  • Meanwhile, Zero’s Alienation costume is a version of the aliens from Ridley Scott’s space-horror Alien.
  • Find instructions to reach these skins below.

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