Borderlands 2: Increase Difficulty & Get Better Loot with this Mod [Download]

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Posted on September 24, 2012, GameFront Staff Borderlands 2: Increase Difficulty & Get Better Loot with this Mod [Download]

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The mods have only just begun for Borderlands 2. Already, enterprising fans have put together this Difficulty Slider, letting you simulate the increased difficulty of four-players in a singleplayer game. In Borderlands 2, the challenge increases with every new player, but so do the rewards. Not only will you fight lots more enemies with more health, but you’ll also find two-to-three times the loot drops, and all at higher qualities. Give yourself a challenge and download the mod here on Game Front, with more detailed instructions to get it working below.

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Increase Difficulty & Get Better Loot


[Instructions & Mod by]

  • Download the program here, and unzip. Requires .NET Framework 4.0 which can be downloaded HERE.
  • Begin Borderlands 2 and load your character.
  • Alt-tab to the window containing the Difficulty Tool, and right-click the program to run as an administrator.
  • With the program open, choose Scan and wait until the memory location has loaded. Before altering the sliders, wait for your friends to join your game if you’re going to try to use this program online.
  • Now, you can move the program’s slider to alter the game’s difficulty — changing the slider will simulate the difficulty and loot of two, three, or four players.
  • If you’re playing alone, you should have more health, and enemies/chests will drop far better loot. But, more enemies will spawn and they’ll be tougher to kill.

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