Borderlands 2 Is Definitely Optimized For Geforce GTX 680

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Posted on July 17, 2012, Ross Lincoln Borderlands 2 Is Definitely Optimized For Geforce GTX 680

Good news everyone: If you have about 500 bucks to blow on upgrading your PC rig, buying Nvidia’s Geforce GTX 680 will make your copy of Borderlands 2 absolutely crackle. We’ve known this was probably going to be the case since March, when we found out during our hands on with the GTX 680 that borderlands 2 was designed with it specifically in mind. However, in an interview with Rock, Paper, Shotgun, Randy Pitchford spoke at length about Borderlands 2 and the 680, and it’s juicy.

Asked about his own time spent playing Borderlands 2, Pitchford revealed how they do it in the studio:

Randy Pitchford: That particular build we had today, we were running the PC version, and I was checking some things. We have a custom version we’ve developed with NVIDIA, so if you have an NVIDIA card, especially one of the newer ones, you can get crazy awesome physics simulations, cloth simulation, fluid dynamics, really cool stuff. Mostly cosmetic but still rad to look at nonetheless. And then once I was in there I started looking at other things. I hadn’t looked at the full day/night cycle shading in that corner of that environment yet, so I was watching the moon turn.

So there you go. If you have the scratch, spend it. The whole thing’s definitely worth a read, and you can do so by clicking the link above.

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