Borderlands 2 – Tannis Rides Again Easter Egg [Video]

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Posted on September 25, 2012, Kevin Thielenhaus Borderlands 2 – Tannis Rides Again Easter Egg [Video]

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Everyone’s favorite Dahl Corporation scientist returns for another round of fish-riding in Borderlands 2. Dr. Tannis, the scientist in question, was found riding a similar fish in Treacher’s Landing back in Borderlands 1. All you had to do was shoot five barrels in a specific order, and she’d appear with a dramatic soundtrack accompanying her.

Now she’s back and better than ever. If you’re nostalgic for Borderlands 1 Easter Eggs, or just want to see something goofy, check out all the details below or watch the video provided by the egg-hunters on Game Front’s Youtube Channel.

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Tannis Rides Again

Where to Go:

  • Fast-travel to Sawtooth Cauldron. Continue forward and jump down to reach the Sawtooth Stilts.
  • At the Stilts, turn left and pass through the Smoking Guano Grotto. Eventually, you’ll reach the Main Street Reservoir. Continue until you’re at the very edge of the map, one the beach overlooking the reservoir itself.
  • Scattered around the beach, you’ll find five colored barrels. Shoot these in a specific order to activate the Easter Egg.

Barrel Order:

  1. Blue Barrel: Next to the arid plant-life near the water.
  2. Red Barrel: Turn around to face the huts, you’ll find a barrel at the left hut.
  3. Green Barrel: Turn around again and look out at the reservoir. Move closer to the edge of the water and look out at one of the small islands.
  4. Yellow Barrel: Just on the left, behind a wooden barricade.
  5. Purple Barrel: Right, near a pile of tires.


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