Breaking: Giant Bomb Acquired by GameSpot Owner CBS

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Posted on March 15, 2012, Phil Hornshaw Breaking: Giant Bomb Acquired by GameSpot Owner CBS

Gaming site GiantBomb has just been acquired by CBS Entertainment, the parent company for GameSpot, the site confirmed today in an announcement on Justin.tv.

Giant Bomb was formed after the controversial firing of Jeff Gerstmann from GameSpot back in 2007. As the story goes (not the official company line), Gerstmann was dismissed after his review trashed (the legitimately awful) Kane & Lynch. At the time, GameSpot was receiving some advertising from Ubisoft, the game’s publisher, and the story goes that pressure over the advertising money lost resulted in Gerstmann’s firing. The review also received several revisions after the fact, and a video review by Gerstmann was removed.

Anyway, real or imagined journalistic intrigue aside, Giant Bomb is back under the CBS umbrella. As AllThingsD reports, Giant Bomb’s start-up parent, Whiskey Media, was actually purchased by BermanBraun — that purchase included properties like Screened, Tested and Anime Vice. Giant Bomb and Comic Vine, which weren’t included in the sale, seem to have been snapped up by CBS instead.

Already, Twitter and the rest of the Internet are awash in the trouble murmurings of what will happen to GiantBomb. Fears that the site will become somehow worse in a more corporate setting are floating around, definitely. On the other hand, getting bought by a major corporation — even with the history between CBS and Gerstmann — is often a win for any business, because it means more money and resources with which to do well. And GiantBomb was purchased because of its success as it was; it’s worth something because of the brand it has created. It seems doubtful that CBS would be in a hurry to change that.

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