Britain's Got Talent: Fallout London mod is looking for voice-over artists

By FileTrekker 8 months ago, last updated 8 months ago

If we're being realistic, Bethesda's next official outing in the Fallout universe is years, maybe even decades, away. The good news is that the modding scene for Fallout 4 is alive and well, and one of the most exciting projects in development right now, Fallout: London, is looking for talented voice actors to volunteer their contributions to the project.

Team Folon, the modding group behind Fallout London, are looking for new voice actors and has added a new application form you can complete, but you'll need to be from the UK, obviously. The team are, however, looking for “a variety of native UK voice types and accents.”

The application process includes a few example lines of dialogue, although they don't give much away regarding what the story of Fallout: London might entail. There's 5 examples you'll need to provide, two in a neutral tone, one emotional, and two angry. The emotional example reads "I lost her many years ago. But her soul... it isn't at rest. We were travelling through Newham, got separated. She was delirious when I found her, must have fallen into the marina... I carried her for a while, to the old airport. I couldn't save her. She'd already started to... to change."

You'll also need to do some generic grunts and noises, as characters often do in video games when they get hit or take fall. If you're from the UK, and want to apply, then the application form can be found right here.


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