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Posted on February 25, 2011, Ben Richardson Bulletstorm Electroflies

There’s so much visual eye candy going on in Bullestorm, it can sometimes be easy to overlook the Electroflies, subtle collectibles that encourage repeat playthroughs and careful observation. Destroying half of the Electroflies will net you the “Insecticide” Trophy/Achievement (Bronze/10G); get them all, and you’ll be treated to “Pest Control” (Silver/20G).

Since you’ll want to spend your time with the game racking up Skillshots, not hunting for insects, we’ve compiled this handy list of Electrofly locations to make hunting them down as easy as possible. You might also be interested in our full trophies and achievements list, our text and video walkthrough, or our Cheats page, which collects all kinds of useful Bulletstorm information.

Act 2

Chapter 1 – Look above the dropkit in the first courtyard to find the first swarm.

Chapter 1 – After you leave the nightclub, you should see an arch. Go through it, hang a left, and look for a railing. The second swarm should be right above it.

Chapter 1 – After you leave the rooftop section behind, you’ll come across a dropkit embedded into the side of a building. The Electroflies are right next to it.

Chapter 1 – Near the canal, and close to where you’ll find the third Newsbot (check out our Newsbot guide!). The swarm will be in front of a gnarled tree, with the setting sun behind it.

Chapter 1 – Right by the entrance to the Monster Dome.

Act 3

Chapter 1 – Near the dropkit as you approach the dam, near a small mound with leafy ferns growing out of the top of it.

Chapter 1 – At the end of the last pier in the marina.

Chapter 1 – Hovering above the observation platform, outside the dam’s observation lounge.

Chapter 2 – Near the run-down-looking building, with the water flowing by it.

Chapter 2 – Above a railing, to the left, after you exit the promenade. Look for some leafy ferns and try to put the cityscape in the background of your screen.

Act 4

Chapter 1 – On the left side of the street, before you tangle with the first Venus man-eater of the game.

Chapter 2 – Found at the top of the arboretum’s steps, soon after Ishi is dragged away.

Chapter 2 – In front of a large, spiky palm tree, to the left of the arboretum, after you make it down the first set of steps.

Chapter 2 – Right by a cactus, on the last stairway you’ll encounter in the arboretum.

Chapter 2 – On your right, directly after you enter the greenhouse.

Chapter 3 – To the right of the hotel entrance, hidden among some plants.

Act 5

Chapter 1 – Near the monorail’s Platform A, to the right of some alien-looking, beige foliage.

Chapter 2 - Soon after you enter the mallway, look for a narrow hallway to your right. There’s a door in there; kick it open to revel the Electrofly swarm.

Act 6

Chapter 1 – After you gingerly cross the toxic waste, look back the way you came to spot the collectible.

Act 7

Chapter 1 – Right outside the exit to the cafe, while you’re on the way to the spaceport.

Chapter 1 – Directly after you exit the luggage conveyor system, hang a left and look for the swarm.

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