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Posted on February 25, 2011, GameFront Staff Bulletstorm Newsbots

Strewn about Bulletstorm’s ravaged environments are a variety of Newsbots, little mechanical critters that spout headlines made long obsolete by the departure of civilization. Destroying each one of these R2-D2-like bots will earn you 500 points, no mean addition to your skillshot-derived gains. The real reward, however, lies in destroying a healthy portion of them; 50% will net you the “Major Malfunction” trophy/achievement (Bronze/10G); get them all, and you’ll unlock “Total Malfunction,” (Silver/20G)

Some of the newsbots are easy to find, but some are not. Check out our list of all the locations, so you can concentrate on carnage, not collectibles, while you’re playing. You might also be interested in our full trophies and achievements list, our text and video walkthrough, or our Cheats page, which collects all kinds of useful Bulletstorm information.

Act 2

Chapter 1 – On the walkway near the dropkit. You see its location in the screenshot above.

Chapter 1 – Right after you meet the flailbombers, keep an eye out for a newsbot in the hallway.

Chapter 1 – At the bottom of the ladder you descend to reach the canal.

Chapter 2 – Right near the Mechaton cages, before you reach the mini metropolis.

Act 3

Chapter 1 – On right side of the dam, found immediately after the encounter with a group of snipers.

Chapter 1 – Inside the marina’s harbormaster building.

Chapter 1 – In the dam’s observation lounge.

Chapter 2 – Shortly after you rescue Trishka, look for this newsbot in the lounge near the promenade.

Chapter 2 – In the middle of the promenade.

Chapter 2 – Stuck in the elevator, near the catwalks.

Act 4

Chapter 1 – In the first destroyed building. Keep your ears open and try to hear it.

Chapter 1 – In the first tent on the left inside the evacuation site.

Chapter 2 – Gallivanting around the dead-end path, to the left of the arboretum.

Chapter 2 - Patrolling near the arboretum, found just after the encounter with the Banshee helicopter.

Chapter 2 – Before you head up the last set of arboretum steps, keep your eyes peeled.

Chapter 3 – Use you leash before sliding down the collapsed building’s long slope.

Chapter 3 – Found right after you fall through the collapsed building’s double doors.

Act 5

Chapter 1 – On the way to the elevator at the beginning of the level.

Chapter 1 – On platform A of the monorail station.

Chapter 2 – In the mall entrance, near the first dropkit.

Chapter 3 – After you exit the tunnels, look in the nearby cafe.

Chapter 3 – Near a dropkit, right before you enter into a downtown street.

Act 6

Chapter 1 – Right at the beginning of the level, in an empty hallway.

Chapter 1 – In a large, lushly-furnished lounge at the bottom of a long staircase.

Chapter 2 – On an elevated catwalk, before you cross the toxic waste vat. Use your leash.

Act 7
Chapter 1 – In the cafe, on the way to the spaceport.

Chapter 2 – In the cafe on the spaceport’s upper level.

Chapter 2 – In a doorway adjacent to a debris-laden slope on the way to the Ulysses.

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