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Posted on February 25, 2011, GameFront Staff Bulletstorm Nom Juice

Bulletstorm is about space pirates, and, as everyone knows, pirates love booze. It makes sense, therefore, that players of Bulletstorm would be tasked with finding hidden bottles of a sci-fi liquor called “Nom Juice” at various points in the game. You can either drink the juice (20 bottles nets you the “Space Pirate” achievement/trophy — for 10G/Bronze) or destroy it (“Straight Edge” — also 10G/Bronze).

Whichever course of action you decide to take, hunting for hard-to-spot collectibles is no fun. That’s why we’ve prepared this comprehensive Nom Juice location guide! You might also be interested in our full trophies and achievements list, our text and video walkthrough, or our Cheats page, which collects all kinds of useful Bulletstorm information.

Act 2

Chapter 1 – On the table by the entrance to the nightclub.

Chapter 1 – In the drydock building, directly before the flailbombers.

Chapter 1 – In the hall after confronting the initial flailbombers.

Chapter 2 – Near the dropkit, by the warehouse, after the mini-city.

Act 3

Chapter 1 – In the dam’s observation lounge.

Chapter 1 – To the right of the elevator in the reactor room.

Chapter 2 – On a table on the dam’s promenade — look for it during the firefight.

Act 4

Chapter 1 – On a cot inside a tent in the evacuation site.

Chapter 2 – On a bench, before you descend the arboretum’s first large staircase.

Chapter 2 - Near the Banshee crash site, on a bench.

Chapter 2 – On a bench after the arboretum’s final staircase, near a dropkit.

Chapter 3 – On the ground at the bottom of the long slope you slide down.

Chapter 3 – In the collapsed building’s second bathroom area.

Act 5

Chapter 1 – On the bench, right after you get out of the elevator, on the right.

Chapter 2 – In the mall’s boutique store, right before the burnouts attack.

Chapter 3 – On a table in the cafe, after you exit the tunnels.

Act 6

Chapter 1 – On a table, right after you slide down the pole onto the lower floor.

Chapter 1 – On a table in the fancy lounge area, after you descend the large staircase.

Chapter 2 – On a high wooden shelf, before you get in the elevator.

Chapter 2 – On a shelf on the left, right after you exit the elevator.

Chapter 2 – Underneath some pipes, right after you slide underneath the door, Indiana Jones-style.

Chapter 3 – In a dresser drawer in the destroyed building.

Chapter 3 – Hop over the low barrier right before you go up the second ramp, near the generator. The bottle is on a crate.

Act 7

Chapter 1 – On a table in the cafe on the spaceport’s upper level.

Chapter 1 – On a counter in the spaceport cafe’s kitchen.

Chapter 1 – In the spaceport cafe’s other kitchen.

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