Bulletstorm Secret Skillshots

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Posted on February 25, 2011, GameFront Staff Bulletstorm Secret Skillshots

Skillshots are the name of the game in Bulletstorm, and being able to pull them off in quantity and variety will make the difference between success and failure. Many pertain to specific weapons, or are listed in-game, but some are secret — tied to specific areas or pieces of the environment — and therefore more valuable.

Check out our list of all of the secret skillshots! You might also be interested in our full trophies and achievements list, our text and video walkthrough, or our Cheats page, which collects all kinds of useful Bulletstorm information.

PancakeAct 1: Chapter 2 – Kill an enemy by flattening him with the environment. – In the skulls’ hideout, kick the overturned barriers to smash a few enemies.

Sucker – Act 2: Chapter 1 – Kill an enemy using a giant fan. – While traversing the rooftops, kick some enemies into the giant fans.

Kill-O-Watt – Act 2: Chapter 2 – Push an enemy into an electric building in Mechaton’s mini-city. – Slide, kick, or leash enemies into the electrified buildings within the mini-city.

Mass Extinction – Act 2: Chapter 2 – Stomp someone to death with the Mechaton. – Move the Mechaton over an enemy to stomp him.

Fish Food – Act 3: Chapter 1 – Kick an enemy into the water to be eaten by fish. – At the marina, slide into some creeps on the pier to knock them into the water.

Floater – Act 3: Chapter 2 – Kick an enemy into the streaming water. – After the creep ambush at the dam, knock some enemies into the streaming water as your cross the bridge.

Man Toast – Act 3: Chapter 2 – Kill an enemy using the reactor. – In the dam’s reactor room, stun a creep with the PMC, then leash him over the top of one of the reactors.

Grinder – Act 3: Chapter 2 – Kill an enemy by kicking him into the waterwheels. – While escaping the dam, kick an enemy into one of the massive waterwheels.

Halloween – Act 4: Chapter 1 – Put a Nom on someone’s head, then kick him into an electric objects. – Attach a Nom to someone’s head, then knock him into an electrified object.

Weed Killer – Act 4: Chapter 2 – Kill the Hyper-mutated Flytrap boss. – At the end of the park level, defeat the stage’s boss and rescue Ishi.

Ding Dong – Act 4: Chapter 3 – Kill an enemy by opening the doors in the “ceiling” of the collapsed building. – Early in the level, leash open the doors in the ceiling to smash an enemy with falling rubble.

Tenderizer – Act 4: Chapter 3 – Kill an enemy using an elevator. – After taking out the chaingun turret operator, rush to the elevator tube and hit the switch to call an elevator.

Steady Hand – Act 5: Chapter 2 – Onlly hit the weak spot of a burnout and kill it. – Kill a burnout with a single bullet by hitting one of its orange growths. Consider using the Screamer.

Minced Meat – Act 5: Chapter 2 – Kill the first muta-burnout boss. – Stun the muta-burnout and kick him into the spinning helicopter blades.

Dino-Sore – Act 5: Chapter 3 – Every successful hit on Heckaton’s neck wound (helicopter section). – Use the banshee’s chaingun to target the red spot on the back of the Heckaton’s neck.

Outburst – Act 6: Chapter 1 – Push an enemy into the storm. – During the storm, knock an enemy into gamma radiation.

Forced – Act 6: Chapter 3 – Kill an enemy by flinging him into an electromagnetic pulse barrier. – In the Ulysses‘ generator room, kick a burnout into one of the active EPF barriers.

Grilled Meat- Act 6: Chapter 3 – Kill the second muta-burnout boss. – On the way to the bomb room in the Ulysses, stun the muta-burnout, then kick him into the electrified wires at the end of the tunnel.

Ejaculated – Act 7: Chapter 2 – Jettison the Heavy Echoes in the cargo holds. – On the jumpshit, throw a switch to eject several shock troopers.

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