Bulletstorm Walkthrough

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Posted on February 19, 2011, Mitchell Saltzman Bulletstorm Walkthrough

The latest in a long line of “controversial” video games, Bulletstorm aims to up the ante in two key areas — graphical beauty, and endless, balletic violence. Judging from the available trailers and screenshots, along with the popular demo (for which we produced a full walkthrough), designer Cliff Blezinski and his team at People Can Fly have exceeded expectations.

Though there will certainly be difficult obstacles in the game that demand defeating (and maybe a little online research), the main challenge in Bulletstorm is keeping up with the Joneses, thanks to the online leaderboards — the game has no multiplayer or co-op. Take advantage of this walkthrough to find out how to best improve your score! We also have lists of achievements and trophies, along with a Cheats page that collects all our useful Bulletstorm information.

Table of Contents

Prologue – Chapter 1 (On the Road to hell)


  1. Once you are given the objective of exiting the cargo deck, walk up to the broken door and press X to open it. The bounty hunter who you thought was out floating in space will reappear and use a bomb to explode a rear window on your ship.
  2. After you get back to your feet, kick the glowing black barrier. Follow Rell as he makes his way back to the door. Use LT to aim at the control panel and shoot it to open the door.
  3. Head down the tunnel and follow Rell into the elevator. Press X to use the elevator. Following the cut scene, use the gunner to take out the external guns on the Ulysses (the pink and purple glowing orbs that are firing lasers).
  4. After your gunner gets destroyed and you get back to your feet, press X to thrust your ship into the Ulysses.


Following the cut scene, follow Rell to the infiltration point. Once you arrive, press X to look through the window. When prompted to, press RT to fire and kill Novak. Following yet another cut scene, take cover behind the nearby desk and kill the oncoming guards. Cutscenes galore! Now back in present day again, once you get back to your feet, walk up the steps to join the other guys around Ishi. Follow Doc to the elevator and press X to take it to the Infirmary.


Once you exit the elevator, press B to kick the barrier blocking the pathway. With Ishi on the operating table, follow Rell to the crashed capsule. As you begin to slide down the tunnel press B to kick the oncoming attacker. Kill his two friends as well. Turn around and head down the tunnel. Make a left through the open door. Kick the two oncoming attackers up into the electrical lines and watch ‘em fry. Shoot and kill the two who will be waiting around the corner to the left. Double tap A to slid through the tiny area full of broken electrical wires. Now outside, kill all attacking enemies. Remember that when they get close to kick them, giving you an easy mid-air kill with you gun. Follow Rell up over the hill and down the rocky path. After the Ulysses flies by you’ll have more killing to do in the rocks. Watch out for the guy hiding up and to the right. After the Final Echo gets crushed, walk over and pick up his leash. Press LB to use the leash to open the pod. Follow Rell and race back to the Med Lab to save Ishi. When you arrive at the dead-end with the frame of a ship blocking your path, walk up to it and use your leash on the two enemies across the way for a couple of brutal kills. Once you arrive at the next big barrier, with Rell taking cover, move up closer to the barrier and use the leash to kill the attacking enemies and bring down the barrier. Head up the kill and have some fun taking out more oncoming enemies. One more group of bad guys, then head up to the ship. Make your way back to the Med Lab. After Doc gets ambushed, quickly turn around and take out the enemies coming through the vents. (Remember, kicking enemies into broken electrical lines will result in easy kills.) When prompted to, press RT to shoot and kill Rell.

Act 1 – Chapter 1 (Just Like the Old Days)


  1. As you head out with Ishi to find Trishka, press RT to fire at the glowing gas tank to clear a path. When you arrive at the slope with the attacking gunners, kick the gas can toward them to blow them up.
  2. Head across the makeshift bridge (a dinosaur’s vertebra?) and up the dirt path. Use your leash on the Dropkit (the glowing pod) at the top of the hill to upload your Skillshot database. This will be used to help you buy weapons, ammo and upgrades.
  3. Once you exit the database, kill all enemies on the other side of the gate. Log back in to the Dropkit, make any needed adjustments, then head through the lowered gate.
  4. Head down the hill and kill all attacking enemies. Use your leash to hurl them into the cacti on the left side of the area for a bonus kill.
  5. Once you reach the Refinery, use the red gas cans to your advantage. Take out the shooter on the platform by aiming at the red cans nearby him. Next, shoot the gas cans sitting on the hanging platforms to do some major damage.
  6. Advance to the right side of the area and use your leash to access the Dropkit near the rock. Head through the main opening of the Refinery. Shoot the hanging gas cans over your enemies for easy kills.
  7. Turn right and head up the stairs. Shoot the gas cans and continue across the catwalk. When you are prompted to, press and hold LT to map the complex.
  8. Head down the stairs and kill the attacking enemies. Kick in the gate and press X to pull up on the lever and lower the lift.

Act 1 – Chapter 2 (Last Train From Explosion Town)


  1. Follow Ishi down the tunnel. Log in to the Dropkit on the right before kicking in the iron gate. Slide down the waterfall and continue following Ishi down the path, killing enemies along the way.
  2. After Ishi unlocks the big door, hold LT when the screen prompts you to do so. Join Ishi and have fun destroying all Confederate machinery.
  3. As soon as you hear the sirens, find some cover and take out the enemies coming onto back catwalks. Once they are dead, press LT when prompted to in order to destroy the Vulture with your leash.
  4. Look up and to the left and use your leash to pull on the mechanism to open the big door. Walk outside and use the Dropkit. Follow Ishi down the path to the right. Use the red gas cans to kill oncoming enemies.
  5. Make your way over to the lift and press X to lower it. Advance down the path and kill enemies along the way. Kick in the barriers where the enemies are shooting from to get a “Pancake” kill.
  6. Make it through the building, then before heading outside, take cover and kill the heavy gunner across the way. Walk outside, wait for Ishi to bring up the lift, then cross to the other side. Use the Dropkit just to the right.
  7. Make your up to the top of the structure. Use your leash and kick and enemy off the structure to get a “Vertigo” kill. Press X to use the gunner, turn around toward Ishi and hold LT when prompted to.
  8. Use the gunner to take out all attacking Vultures. Follow Ishi to the left. Kill the two enemies who try to surprise you behind the big door, then walk inside and pull down the lever on the left wall.


Head across the bridge. Kill all of the enemies who will be waiting for you in the room on the other side. After the platform gives out from under you, turn around and use the Dropkit near Ishi. Kick in the door that the enemies retreat behind, then kill the remaining enemies inside. Kicking enemies into the power lines will result in a “Shocker” kill. Once Ishi takes care of his business, book it outta there before the whole place blows. Sprint down the path and press X to jump and grab onto the rope. Switch between LT and RT to climb across. Kill the one enemy standing in the other doorway, then use the Dropkit outside. Turn right and kill all enemies across the bridge. Make your way up and and across the next bridge, killing all enemies along the way. When you reach the end, hold LT when prompted to. Don’t be intimidated by this big fella: slow him down by firing a couple of overcharged annihilator blasts (hold RB, then hit RT). Once he’s hunched over, whip your leash at him, then nail him with a few more annihilator blasts to toast him.


Pick up his gunner, then turn around and go to town on the oncoming enemies. Following the cutscene, use your gunner to take out the cars. When the Gangcar shows up, take out all enemies on board, then take out the Vultures overhead (using your leash is most effective for this). Do the same when the Gyrocopters arrive. When Ishi warns you of the torpedo, look for it in the ground to the left and blow it up. Keep an eye out for another one that will come from the right. Destroy the big red tanks to throw the giant Grindwheel of course (there will be three of them). Once it’s gone, the Gangcar will show up again––take out all enemies on board. When the Grindwheel arrives agin, hold LT when prompted to.

Act 1 – Chapter 3 (Whatever it is, it’s pissed)


  1. Once you come to, press X to grab onto the pole above and use LT and RT to climb across. Jump and and press X to slide down the rope. Use the nearby Dropkit.
  2. Follow Ishi up the hill and across the path. Use your leash and kick one of the attacking enemies into the river to get a “Fish Food” kill. After the Gyrocopter shows up, press and hold LT when prompted to.
  3. Sprint and follow Ishi to the fallen Gyrocopter. Kill the enemies across on the ridge, then turn right and into the cave. Kick in the barrier and hold LT when prompted to. Slid down the path and once you reach the edge, jump and climb across the powerline.
  4. Hold LT and pick up the ammo on the ground nearby. Continue to follow Ishi across the bridge, which will unexpectedly give way. After you get to your feet, kick those huge eggs to create a pathway.
  5. Once you hear a frightening, dinosaur-like shriek, you’ll have a little over a minute to get out of the cave. Quickly bash through the last little batch of eggs, climb over the ridge to the left and sprint up the bridge. After you exit the cave, head for the Gyrocopter and press X to hop on.
  6. ACHIEVEMENT: Hold LT when prompted to to earn the “All Bow To Heavy Metal” Achievement

Act 2 – Chapter 1 (Damsel in distress)


  1. Follow Ishi and head up the path. After you crouch under the ridge, look for the Dropkit in the rocks to the left. When you reach the cliff, use your leash to pull down the old railway car.
  2. Head across and hold LT when prompted to. That lull in killing didn’t last long! As soon as you start trekking up the slope, take out all attacking enemies. Once you arrive at the city, follow the path around to the left and kill the enemies behind the columns.
  3. After you take care of business, hookup to the nearby Dropkit. Follow Ishi to the next area and kill all attacking enemies. When in front of the old disco club, hold RT. After Ishi opens the door, head inside.
  4. Walk over to the right and take out the enemies up on the steps. You’ll have to fight one of the bigger ones, so make sure to use annihilator blasts against him. Once he’s dead, pick up his gun and use it against his minions.


Once you make it outside, use the red gas cans to do some major damage. Once all enemies have been cooked, follow Ishi to the left toward the next area. Once you reach the door, press X to use the lever to open it. Head inside and use the Dropkit embedded in the floor. Turn back and head down the stairs. As soon as you open the door, a huge block will be shoved back toward you. Use it as cover and take out the enemies inside. After you take them out, walk to the back left corner and pull down the lever to open the door. As soon as it does, a helicopter will shop a shipment of goons: take them out. They will carrying bombs that they will try to chuck at you, so use the surrounding environment to use as cover. Head across to the bay door and wait for Ishi to open it up for you. Follow him through the building. After you head upstairs outside, log into the Dropkit located in the pile of debris up and to the right. (By now, you should have a couple of new weapons to purchase.) Follow Ishi upstairs. Kick in the barrier and kill the enemies to the left. Head outside and follow Ishi up onto the roof. Take out the enemies on the roof and watch out for the shooter up on the far balcony across the way. After you make your way across the first roof, one of the larger enemies will burst through the door. Shoot the red gas cans behind him to kill him with a single shot and earn the “Bossed” kill. After you head downstairs, you can pull up the enemies at the bottom of the next set of stairs by using your leash, then kick them into the electrical wires for a few “Shocker” kills. Follow Ishi outside. After you hop over the short fence, log into the Dropkit to the right. Follow Ishi and hold LT when prompted to. Once you see the capsule, head upstairs and across the building. Once out on the other side, take out the two enemies with their backs to you. Take cover and take out the other enemies across the way. Once you spot Trishka, head down after her.


Take out the enemies to the right. There won’t be much cover here, so stick close to the building. Once you get to the next building, head inside and climb up the batter. Take out the guy trying to climb across the huge roots, then climb across. After you drop down, head outside and use the Dropkit before kicking in the barrier. Once in the next room, kick the red gas can toward the attacking enemies, then shoot it to blow it up. Walk through the broken windows. Turn right and press the button near the drawbridge to lower it. Take out the enemies who will come charging over it to safely cross. Once you do, hold RT when prompted to. After you see Trishka again, turn around and use the Dropkit behind you. Hold RT when prompted to, then aim your leash at the large spherical structure above you to pull it down. Cross over the makeshift bridge and kill the enemies in the other room. Head up the winding staircase where another group of enemies will come charging after you. There won’t be much cover, so you’ll probably want to go back down the stairs and wait for them to come to you. You’ll have to kill one of the bigger guys (use annihilator blasts)––after you do, take his gun, head upstairs and take out the next group of enemies coming out of that large scary mouth. Pick up any guns laying around the carnage, then head into the mouth.

Act 2 – Chapter 2 (Worst family fun vacation ever)


  1. Now inside the Terror Dome, log into the Dropkit at the end of the hallway. Follow Ishi outside and hit LT when prompted to. Kick in the sign that says Employees Only and jump down the ladder.
  2. When you land, launch a Flail Chain at the dude starring you down. Then kick him and detonate the chain to watch him explode. As you make your way through the miniaturized city (the coolest part of the game, thus far), you can kick enemies into the electrical charges to get a “Kill-o-watt” kill.
  3. When Ishi finds the isolated lever, walk over to it and press X to pull it. Unfortunately, this will lead to the arrival a huge monster of Godzilla-like proportions. Press X when the screen prompts you in order to avoid his fist smashes.
  4. Run down the underground tunnel. When you reach the end, turn left and whip your leash through the bars to pull up on the lever on the other side. Climb up the ladder and use the Dropkit.
  5. Follow Ishi into the wide hallway and to to town on all attacking enemies (make sure to use all of the boxes as cover). After you jump over the rail, unload a few rounds on the huge monster while Ishi attempts to open the door to the right. Once he gets it open, follow him through.
  6. Kill the enemies charging down the stairs, then head across the catwalk and down the stairs. After you kick in the chain-link door, press RT when prompted to.
  7. Robot controller!! Aim the green light toward the big bay door to the left and press RB to have Mechaton smash the door. Head down the hallway and have Mechaton smash the windows at the end.


Head up the stairs on the left. Aim your controller toward the building across the way and have Mechaton blow those guys up. Have him do the say to the guys in the building to the right. Once you clear the area, follow Ishi to the next area. Have Mechaton do his thing again to all of the enemies on the bridge. After you destroy the bridge, hop down. Advance and repeat. Look out for enemies on the balconies on both sides of the road. The Gyrocopters will be a little tougher for Mechaton to take town, so make sure you take some cover behind a building. Once you destroy them, press LT when prompted to. Turn around and take out the next wave of attacking enemies. Press LT again and take out yet another wave of enemies coming from behind you. Once they are destroyed, have Mechaton break through the large gate to the left. Bummer. Mechaton is dead. Join Ishi over to the right and press X to slide down the hole.

Act 3 – Chapter 1 (One sniper means a dozen)

  1. Follow Ishi through the underground tunnel once you get to your feet. Hit LT when prompted to. After you kick in the ventilation unit, use your leash to pull out the debris and high tail it through the hole.
  2. Once you see the dam off in the distance, there will be a Dropkit nearby. Continue to follow Ishi to the elevator lift. Once you reach it, pull down on the lever to have it take you up.
  3. After you walk through the bloody mess, head upstairs. If you peek your head around the corner before you hit the second floor, you’ll see one of these new “gangsters.” They’re much quicker and like to hide, so be crafty with your guns and whip.
  4. After you kill the two enemies, head outside and hop over the rock wall. After you walk up the stairs and head into the next area, there will be quite a few of these quicker enemies waiting for you. Take ‘em out and continue on.
  5. Hold LT when prompted to. Use your environment as cover to avoid getting hit by sniper fire. Once you reach the sniper and blow his brains out, grab the nearby sniper rifle and take out the other snipers on the decks of the huge structure. If you’re a poor shot, it’s okay––you have bullet steering powers a la Wanted.


Pick up any nearby sniper ammo, then head through the northwest entrance of the building. After you make your way through the building you’ll find a Dropkit before you exit back outside. When you do step outside, immediately take cover behind one of the nearby boxes. Use your sniper to take out the enemies occupying the tower. Once you clear it out, follow Ishi to the tower. Don’t put that sniper away just yet! Cover Ishi while he does his work by sniping all enemies on the other side of the bay. There’s a lot of them, so make sure you have a good view and ample cover. Once Ishi gets the first half of the drawbridge down, use your leash to pull down the other half and cross over to the other side. Log into the Dropkit over to the left side if you need to. Take out the enemies hiding behind the crates as you head downstairs. More enemies will be waiting for you inside the first building, so have your gun ready. Clear out the room, then head out to the left. Use the nearby gas can and kick it in the direction of where Ishi is fighting. Once you clear the area, head inside the next building. Walk around the pile of debris to find a Dropkit. Once Ishi opens the door, head outside where another gang of enemies will await you. Take cover behind the wall to your right and use the two gas cans off in the distance to your advantage. Use the sniper to take out the guys on the docks.


Head out onto the docks and across the makeshift bridge. Wipe out this next group of enemies and head follow Ishi to the bay door. Kill the lone guy behind the door and follow Ishi. Once you enter the elevator, press X to use it. Use the Dropkit once you exit, continue to follow Ishi. Once you enter the area of the club with all of the plants, you’ll be ambushed by enemies near the waterfalls. Take care of them, then head through the double doors and into the kitchen. Follow Ishi to the elevator.

Act 3 – Chapter 2 (A damn fine mess)


  1. The best spot for cover during this ambush is the huge concrete slab right behind the Dropkit. From there, aim and shoot for the red gas cans on the upper levels to do maximum damage. Eventually, you will have to move, but make sure to stick to the perimeter of the area.
  2. The best gun to use here would be your Screamer. Charge it up and unleash a flare to kill multiple enemies at once. If you don’t have enough juice, log into the Dropkit and get some.
  3. After you take care of the guys on the upper level, they’ll find their way down to you. Take care of them, log back into the Dropkit if you need any extra ammo and follow Ishi through the hole in the wall.
  4. When you reach the drawbridge, press X on the lever to lower it. Kill the enemies on the other side and head upstairs (use the Dropkit if you need to). Pull up on the lever to use the elevator.
  5. Exit the elevator and kick the orange panel to get downstairs. Open the door and hold LT when prompted to. Take out the enemies (might I suggest the Boneduster?) as you make your way around the catwalk.
  6. Once you get to the lift with Ishi, pull up the lever to lower it. Kill all enemies in this area. If you kick a guy into those burning flames, you’ll get a “Man Toast” kill. Clear the area to finally meet Trishka.


Head upstairs and follow Trishka. Log into the Dropkit lodged in the ceiling, then climb over the barrier to the right. Head outside and kill the first few Skulls who come charging up the stairs.


Continue to follow Trishka and kill the next huge wave of Skulls in this area. With the area cleared, head into the underground bunker. Log into the Dropkit just ahead. Once outside, kill the group of Skulls as you make your way downstairs. Plenty of opportunities here to earn some “Vertigo” kills by kicking enemies over the edge of the stairs. Once you get to the elevator, pull on the lever to have it take you up. Move out and kills the attacking Skulls as you cross the catwalk. Turn left at the end and use your leash on the generator to pull it down and create a path. Cross the makeshift bridge and head downstairs. Kill the oncoming attackers as you head up to the other side. (Kicking an enemy into the huge gears will result in a “Grinder” kill. Kill the next wave of Skulls as you head down the stairs to your right. (Kicking an enemy high into the air and shooting him in the rear will earn you a “Rear Entry” kill). Take down the second generator using your leash and make your way across. After you head down the stairs, take down the Vulture using your leash. Take out the last couple Skulls across the way before the huge gear comes barreling through the platform. Hold LT when prompted to. After you land your death-defying leap, use your leash to take down as many Vultures as possible.

Act 4 – Chapter 1 (The only way through)


  1. Follow Trishka up the stairs. Kick over the glowing sign and laugh at the irony. Cross over the makeshift bridge and log into the Dropkit in the pile of cars.
  2. Climb over the wall and kick one of those yellow sacks at attacking Creep. Use your leash to whip those sacks back to you and have a game of kick ball! Destroy all Creeps as you advance down the road.
  3. After you enter through the crawl space created by Ishi, use your leash to pull out the ventilation unit above Ishi’s head. Head outside and log into the Dropkit. Hold LT when prompted to.
  4. Destroy that Venus Man Eater, then use your leash to pull open the glass doors. Kick out the doors on the other side and zip-line across the rope. Head up the road and use your sniper to pick up the Creeps in the distance.
  5. ACHIEVEMENT: Follow Ishi and Trishka down the road. After Trishka challenges you to figure out a way through the road, turn around and shoot the huge dangling sphere with the blue stripe.


Head through the newly formed entrance and use the Dropkit to the left. Head into the building on the right and hop through the window on the other side. Turn left and take out the Skulls in the distance with your sniper. Advance down the path and kill the next wave of Skulls around the bend. Head up the stairs and finish off the last few Skulls. After the doors explode, hold LT when prompted to. After you are rudely greeted by a Confederate built robot, use your leash to whip up the nearby fireball and kick it toward him. Quickly make your way behind him and fire a few annihilator blasts at his backpack to destroy it. Quickly move around to avoid his cannon blasts after he turns around. Keep moving as you fire a few more annihilator blasts at him. Once he bends down, run behind him and shoot another annihilator blast at the blue pack on his lower back to finish him off. His cannon gun is anything to write home about, so you should probably carry on without it. Head through the entry way above the Employees Only sign.

Act 4 – Chapter 2 (Maneaters prefer tight spots)


  1. Head through the dark tunnel and pull on the lever at the end to open the door. Hold LT after Ishi foolishly shoots the glowing sack. After Ishi and Trishka calm down, pull on the lever and head up the stairs.
  2. Log into the Dropkit and continue up the next set of stairs. When Trishka gives you the order, shoot the spore (the glowing sack in the middle of the room), then sit back and watch the Skulls kill each other.
  3. After Ishi opens the gate for you, head up the steps and what the––!!! Hold LT when prompted to. After Ishi gets swallowed by that huge Maneater, wait for Ishi to send you a signal. Then follow Trishka.
  4. Head through the huge columns and down the steps. Kill all attacking Skulls as you head down the steps and make sure to use the surrounding spores to your advantage.
  5. After you get down the last row of steps, use the Dropkit to the right and head down path. Use your leash and kill the Maneater to the left. Then kill all of the enemies in the center quad area, but beware of the Maneaters around the perimeter.
  6. After you make the left and are looking down the path with the two red spherical balls, pull out your sniper and shoot the Skulls off in the distance. Use those spheres to your advantage.
  7. Once the area is cleared, head up the steps and through the cacti-filled path. Kill hte Maneater to the right of the Dropkit, then use it if you need to. As soon as you hear the helicopter, take cover behind one of the pillars.
  8. After it flies over to the next area, follow Trishka over there. Kill the Creeps on the floor and the Maneaters will actually take care of the copter. One of the boss Skulls will show up on the steps––use annihilator blasts on his back to defeat him.


Pick up his gun and use it against the next wave of Skulls. With the area cleared, follow Triska down the next pathway. Use the Dropkit at the end, then head up the steps where you will have a huge battle waiting for you. You’ll have to fight off a lot of enemies here, so if you get overwhelmed, simply retreat down the steps to regain your composure. Remember to use your surrounding environment to your advantage in order to help you get to the top. ACHIEVEMENT: Follow Trishka over to the left near the Nom parasite plant. Kick one of the Noms toward the nearby Maneater to earn the “Om Nom Nom!” Achievement. Be wary of other Maneaters as you continue along the path. Follow Trishka up the steps and on into the next area. Use the Dropkit after you drop down into the dark, jungly terrain.


Slid under the tree branch and hold LT when that huge mama Maneater pops out of the ground. The trick is to avoid the roots that randomly shoot out and try to strangle you. In order to avoid them, you can double tap A to perform a slide, but holding A down you can do a continuous slide around the perimeter of the area. Shooting her in the head will do the most damage, but shots to those large glowing membranes will also inflict damage. Once the membranes turn bright orange, just focus on shooting those to destroy them. Do so as quickly as possible because this is how she regenerates and earns back her health. Just focus on the green membranes now. Once they turn orange again, destroy them as quickly as possible. Following this, the mouth will attempt to attack you. Continue to keep moving at fire shots at the mouth whenever you get a chance. Once her mouth recoils, show launch a grip of Nom parasites. With her health down about halfway, switch to your sniper and when ever you get a chance, fire a few shots. If you are ever running low on ammo, slid around the perimeter and look for the ammo briefcases. After all its health has been drained, it will roll out of the ground and attempt to regenerate again. Switch back to your rifle and unload on the orange tentacles. Switch back to your sniper again and fire a few shots to drain its health. ACHIEVEMENT: Just as before, destroy the orange tentacles as quickly as possible. You’ll notice that when she regenerates yet again, her neck will be red. Stick with the rifle and unload on her neck to finally kill her.

Act 4 – Chapter 3 (Itchin’ to crumble)


  1. Once you rescue Ishi, head through the underground tunnel to get back outside. Walk to the edge to your left and press X to grab onto the bars above you. Follow Trishka and make your way across.
  2. After you cross the top of the waterfall, use the Dropkit just ahead. Follow Trishka and head into the building. Once you reach the huge hole in the wall, hold LT when prompted to.
  3. Follow Trishka around the building and double tap A to slide down the slope. Wait for Ishi to kick in the wall behind you, then continue on. After you walk through the holographic clock, kill the Skulls that will be waiting for you to the left on the other side of the wall.


Use your leash to pull down the roof on the second Skull to get a “Ding Dong” kill. Head outside and kill the group that will be waiting for you. Use your sniper to take out the turret gunner in the distance, then go pick up his gun. Use the gunner to wipe out the huge group of Skulls standing up in the subway line. Once the railcar kills the last of them, head down the subway tunnel. After you fall through the shaft door, head down the path. There will be a Dropkit up ahead––use it if you need to. Climb over the two fallen columns and wipe out the next wave of Skulls in the large room to the left. Crouch to get through the tiny crawl space on the other side and follow it around. Kick through the barrier and kill yet another wave of Skulls as you make your way through the room. Once outside––you guessed it, another group of Skulls. Have fun kicking them off the huge drop-offs. With the area cleared, head through the hole in the next building. If you slide straight under the narrow crawl space, you’ll find some spare ammo. Walk back up the ramp and when you see Trishka and Ishi, turn right into the checkered -walled room. Use the Dropkit, then sprint up the glass slope. Climb over the barrier and make a quick right through the next hole in the wall. Turn left past the falling debris. When you reach the bathroom, take out the two Skulls and continue on. Kill the next groups of Skulls in the open area. Head up the embankment to the left and kill the attacking group of Skulls. Head into the next structure. Kick in the broken piece of wall to the left, then another one in the next hallway. After you turn down the slope (and Gray yells, “This shit is happening!”), you’ll have thirty seconds to get out of the building before it collapses. Sprint down the slope, then make a right, another quick right and another right. Kick the Skull out of the way, turn left and sprint for the railcar. Hit X on the control panel to get it moving. Hit RT when Ishi tells you to shoot the tanks.

Act 5 – Chapter 1 (Crash resistant)


  1. Head to the elevator at the other end of the room. Once you get off, use the Dropkit. Then go to town on the Skulls coming down the steps. Take care of them, then head between the two blue panels where you’ll have to face another boss Skull.
  2. Remember to kill the boss by shooting his backpack with annihilator blasts. Kill the rest of the crew, then head up the steps toward the monorail. Wipe out the area, then use the Dropkit while Trishka opens the train.


You’ll be greeted by some Vultures. Use your leash to bring them down. You’ll then have to kill another wave of Skulls coming up the steps from the left. And just when you think you’re done, more Skulls coming up the other set of stairs! Take care of them (including another boss), then head into the open train car. After the monorail gets attacked the Burnouts, hold LT when prompted to.

Act 5 – Chapter 2 (How do we solve that?)


  1. These guys are crazy! Follow Trishka’s instructions and aim for the orange parts on their bodies. Using the surrounding gasoline balls will work nicely as well. Another wave will break through the bay door, when they do, charge up and annihilator blast to destroy all three with one shot.
  2. Use the Dropkit in the back right corner of this room (make sure you equip yourself with the Bouncer––you will need it), then go pull on the lever to open the door.
  3. Unfortunately, it will be broken. After Trishka tells you to stop complaining, double tap A and time a slide to get under it. Kill the two Burnouts, then turn around and open the door.
  4. Naturally, once you do this more Burnouts will come from all sides of the room. Kill the first wave, then your next objective will be to survive the Burnout onslaught. Switch to the Bouncer. Hold RB, then hit RT to fire a charged cannonball to kill multiple Burnouts at once.
  5. ACHIEVEMENT: With your charged cannonball shot you will earn a “Sledgehammer” kill. If you’ve done most of the same Skillshots up to this point, then you’ll earn the “Big Cheese” Achievement for 50% of the game’s Skillshots.
  6. Since this room is so small, keeping moving around and rely on the Bouncer to do the most damage. Once you complete the objective, walk through the hole in the wall created by the missle blasts of the Skull Banshee.
  7. Head down the steps and wipe out the wave of Burnouts. Turn right and use the Dropkit, then continue to follow Trish and Ishi. Head through the next building and kill the attacking Burnouts coming out of the crashed copter.
  8. Hold LT when prompted to. Now you’ll have to kill the Muta-Burnout. Switch to your rifle and use an annihilator charge blast on its head. Quickly run up to him and kick him to push him back.
  9. Make sure that once he gets back to his feet you are not too close, otherwise his swipes will do some major damage. Repeats this process of hitting him with an annihilator blast, then kicking him when he’s down.
  10. ACHIEVEMENT: When he’s close enough, one last kick should put him into the blades of the copter and earn you the “Minced Meat” Achievement.
  11. Follow Trish and Ishi down the steps and hold LT when prompted to. Use the Dropkit at the bottom, then head up in the nearby elevator.

Act 5 – Chapter 3 (I see we’re all a bit upset)


  1. When the elevator comes to a halt, kick out the glass window and proceed alongside the narrow ledge to the left. Jump up and climb across the tree branch. Follow Trishka through the ruins of the hotel.
  2. After you hop over the fallen column, hold LT when prompted to. Use the Dropkit, then follow Trish and Ishi out the door. Hold LT when heading down the stairs, then unload on the attacking Skulls.
  3. Head into the next room and wipe out the next wave of Skulls. Following your intense discussion with Trishka, follow her around the building and downstairs. Jump up to grab the rebar and climb across.
  4. After you get back to your feet, follow Trishka through the underground tunnel. When you see the dead end, turn left and crouch through the crawl space. When Trishka yells, “Look out!” turn to your left and kill the Burnout.
  5. Continue down the tunnel and hold LT when prompted to. Turn left and head down the gunnel. Crouch under the pipe and continue on past all of the scary happenings. Don’t run too far ahead––use need to use Trishka’s light to see down here.
  6. Shoot the Burnout through the cage on the left, then kick in the doors at the end of the hallway. Walk down the steps and around the green pot of ooze. Hold LT when prompted to.


After the huge creature falls into the pile of ooze, run around to the set of steps that he was just on. Turn around and look above the steps that you just came from and use your leash to pull down the large metal object and create a pathway. Follow Trish up the ramp and down into the next underground tunnel. Crouch to enter the crawl space that will lead you back outside. Grab the nearby ammo and continue through the building. Kill the two Skulls who try to ambush you, then kick out the glass doors to get outside. Move around to the left and kill the gunner by the neon sign. Shoot the sign to electrocute him for an easy kill. Kill the group of Skulls, then use the Dropkit up in the planter to the left. When you get near the gate just ahead of the Dropkit, hold LT when prompted to. Take care of the boss (shoot for the back), then head up the steps.


Head into the building. Use the Dropkit to the right (equip yourself with the Boneduster), then pull the nearby lever to open the bay door. Walk outside and hold LT when prompted to. Quickly look to the right and kill the Burnouts climbing over the rubble. Use your leash to pull down the bus, then hold LT right after your cross. Before you can get to whatever that is causing all that damage from underground, kill the wave of attacking Burnouts. Advance and kill the next group of Burnouts. The Boneduster will work best for this. Finish off the last one, the hold LT when prompted to. Kill the Burnout, then hop over the wall. Kill the next group of Burnouts in this area. Move over to the right of the hole in the road and kick the bumper of the car to get across. Walk to the edge of the road and hold LT when prompted to. Holy Hekaton! Right when the elevator door opens, hold LT. Shoot the red gas can near the Banshee to wipe all the majority of the enemies.


When you get behind the gunner, provide covering fire for Ishi on foot. Take out the flaregunners below, but watch out for Vultures in the air too. Hold LT right before you are about to be punched by the Hekaton. Once Trish gets behind the head of the Hekaton, aim for the red gash. When Trish gives you the word, shoot through the windows to your right, then hold LT. Take out what enemies you can below, then shoot for the back of the Hekaton’s head again. Some
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