Bully 2 reveal was apparently pulled from The Game Awards

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Published by FileTrekker 5 months ago , last updated 5 months ago

Take this with a large grain of salt, but according to notorious GTA leaker Tom Henderson, a sequel to Rockstar Games' hit Bully was due to be revealed at The Game Awards last week, before being pulled at the last minute.

Taking to Twitter, he suggested that the game was supposedly a "surprise reveal" at the event and that some people have already been given materials alluding to the reveal. He followed up alleging that "people" saw a "playable version" just weeks prior to the awards, but that information was "blurry."

Bully was a hugely successful game for Rockstar, but since its release in 2006, has never seen a sequel. It's had a few facelifts in the intervening years, with a tenth-anniversary mobile port and a graphically enhanced PC release, but fans of the game have been crying out for a sequel for the best part of 15 years at this point.

Like I say, take this with a pinch of salt, but if true, then it's strange the announcement was pulled. There are no similar events coming any time soon, so a reveal will probably now have to wait until the new year at the earliest, and possibly once we start getting into the spring or early summer when events such as E3 start to kick off.

We'll be sure to report any further rumblings as we hear them, though. 

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