Bungie destroys Destiny 2 streamer who was banned for cheating

By FileTrekker 2 years ago, last updated 2 years ago

It's no secret that Destiny 2 has a rough relationship with cheating, and it's something that Bungie is cracking down on lately with new technology and even hiring and expanding its staff to manually deal with the problem. It was a display of force this past week then when the company not only banned a well-known streamer for cheating but recked him in the process when he (inexplicably) decided to protest his innocence. 

The YouTuber, known as BakenGansta, tweeted in protest after being banned that  the situation was "kinda ridiculous" and demanded that someone "at bungie look into it. There's no way I get banned when I see mad cheaters play for months." Those protests didn't end well however, enter community manager Dylan Gafner.

"Bans are not issued without reason. Team has validated this action multiple times thanks to anti-cheat detection and investigation," he said. BakenGansta continued to protest his innocence, stating that he'd "like to see the proof of what I was doing that resulted in this ban because as of right now this is bullshit." This is a ballsy move from someone who surely knew they were cheating, right? Perhaps they felt that pressure would somehow get them off the hook. Wrong.

Gafner shut the situation down in hilarious fashion: "Took some time to triple check this with the Security team. We have detected 2 accounts under your ownership using cheat suites while playing Destiny 2, and have banned 4 accounts total. (Includes ban evasion) This is our final communication on this matter." 

This is community manager speak for "rekt, son," if you ask me. It was summed up nicely by the game's UI/UX designer Elliott Gray, who posted a tweet that rounded the whole thing up nicely.

As Gafner followed up though, the aim isn't the "wreck" people, but to represent the truth to the community. In other words, cheating does not pay, and hopefully BakenGansta learns a valuable lesson here.


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