Bungie has 'zero-tolerance' following Activision harassment claims

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Published by FileTrekker 1 year ago , last updated 1 year ago

Activision Blizzard has been facing multiple allegations in a lawsuit that alleges the company has an ingrained culture of sexual, and racial, harassment against its employees. The company has since defended itself (and contradicted itself) by claiming the lawsuit is "distorted" and "in many cases false," while also calling the allegations "disturbing." The lawsuit, brought forward by the state of California, has also been criticized by Activision as being filed by "unaccountable state bureaucrats." 

Interestingly, Bungie has gone on record, despite not being involved with the lawsuit, to state that they are declaring a  "zero-tolerance policy" for "toxic culture." The company previously had a publishing deal with Activision Blizzard, which ran from 2010 to 2019, but has had no involvement with the company ever since.

Despite that, perhaps its previous ties to Activision Blizzard are the reason it wants to set the record for its own employees. In a post on Twitter, the company said that "Bungie is built on empowering our people no matter who they are, where they are from, or how they identify. We have a responsibility to acknowledge, reflect, and do what we can to push back on a persistent culture of harassment, abuse, and inequality that exists in our industry. "

Bungie and Activision were hitting the rocks before they parted ways in 2019, with Activision's COO stating back in 2018 that they weren't "satisfied" with how Destiny 2 had performed. This meant that Bungie had made the move away, and has been the better for it, despite Destiny 2's problems at times.

The lawsuit and subsequent storm on social media following the revelation against Activision Blizzard continues on, and we'll be sure to keep an eye on the situation as it goes forward.

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