Bungie is cutting back Destiny 2's microtransactions

By FileTrekker 3 years ago, last updated 3 years ago

Bungie has released the latest edition of their weekly This Week at Bungie blog, and in it, they confirmed changes are coming in Year 4 that will see microtransactions scaled back, at least somewhat.

They also spoke about rewards in the game not being 'where we want [them] to be,' something players have complained about for a while now. Game director Luke Smith stated in the blog that he felt there "isn't enough to pursuit out in the world," apparently.

The changes will see players able to earn more and better rewards then they can currently. These include improving rewards for Raids, Trials, and Dungeons, with new armor, accessories, and weapons. There'll also be new armor added to core playlists such as Strikes, Gambits, and Crucible. 

Another new addition will be a feature that will allow players to turn armor into Universal Ornaments, and Year 4's seasons will also deliver what Bungie is calling an "aspirational pursuit for armor," rather than merely being able to buy the best stuff through the Eververse Store.

Speaking of, Bright Dust will also become easier to earn, by moving away from character-specific ways to earn it, and moving to "account-specific paths," which, according to Smith, will give players "significantly more" Bright Dust than they currently can earn.


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