Bungie takes a shot at dataminers for spoiling 'the fun' with leaks

By FileTrekker 2 years ago, last updated 2 years ago

Bungie has called out dataminers for leaking upcoming content, asking them to 'respect the fun' and to stop spoiling things for others.

The whole affair was triggered when a new "Classy Order" emblem was discovered, and codes to obtain it appeared to be being sold on ebay, according to various Reddit posts, allowing users to obtain the item early. How these codes became available for sale in this way is unclear, but may have been stolen or leaked from a source within Bungie. The issue came as Bungie, noticing that players were spending money on the entirely cosmetic item, had to reveal that the item was actually an upcoming freebie, and that players should immediately stop buying it.

Bungie appeared to blame the issue on dataminers, however, not addressing how the codes came to be available.

The tweet from community manager dmg04 warned players not to buy the emblem, and that it was supposed to be an upcoming free gift for Bungie Day. He then called out the dataminers, asking them to "please stop spoiling content, whether it be story or emblem codes. I know it can be exciting to be the first person with cool info, but please respect the fun." 

This was backed up by Drewardo, a member of the Destiny support team, who explained how bad it makes the developers feel when this stuff gets leaked and spoiled. 

The dataminers and other community members fired back, stating that the info actually leaked through the publicly available Destiny 2 API, which can be easily viewed by anybody through websites such as Destiny Tracker, and therefore Bungie was, in essence, the source of their own leak. In addition to the mystery as to how the codes came up for sale, it all seems a little odd.

In any case, the advice is just not to buy the emblem, it's a waste of money, and you'll be getting it for free next month on the 7th of July, it would seem.


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