Bungie wants to bring Destiny to "additional media" formats

By FileTrekker 3 years ago, last updated 3 years ago

Destiny 2 developer Bungie is looking to expand the popular franchise into other forms of media, according to a new update from CEO Pete Parsons. 

The company is looking to expand into "additional media" in the coming years, which presumably means bringing the franchise to TV, movies, comic books or similar. This will apparently lead to some changes at the top for Destiny, with vice president Mark Noseworthy and creative producer Luke Smith now in charge of the project to bring Destiny into other forms of media. 

Of course, it's entirely a guess as to what "additional media" actually means, but given everybody else has their eyes on TV and movies, it seems logical - Netflix series, perhaps? It's not the only big change going on at Bungie, though. The company is also expanding its headquarters in Bellevue, Washington and also opening a new, international office in Amsterdam. 

"The past several years have been a time of tremendous growth and opportunity for Bungie," said Bungie CEO Pete Parsons; "we are home to some of the brightest and best talent in the industry, and we look forward to expanding upon both our talent pool this year and increasing the resources to support them." 

The company is set to double as a result, which should allow a bigger commitment to the "long-term development of Destiny 2," as well as opportunities to create new games in the Destiny universe, and beyond. The company is aiming to have a new, non-Destiny related game released by the year 2025. 

"Bungie has appointed Jonny Ebbert (Chief Creative Officer) and Zach Russell (General Manager, Incubation) to build and drive the creative vision and foundation for Bungie's future worlds alongside the next generation of leaders at Bungie, with plans to bring at least one new IP to market before 2025," according to the update. "Jason Jones (Chief Vision Officer) takes on a talent-facing role to help Bungie's top creative leadership unlock their full potential at the company."

So it seems the Destiny juggernaut is showing no signs of slowing down, and may even be coming to a big (or small) screen near you in the not so distant future.


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