Bungie Weekly Update 09-14-07 – Meet The Warthog

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Posted on September 16, 2007, Steve Bungie Weekly Update 09-14-07 – Meet The Warthog

This week’s Bungie Update kicks off with the above video of total awesomeness. In case you skipped to the text, two words: Real Warthog. And no, I don’t mean some auto manufacturer’s concept car that sort-of looks like a Warthog. I’m talking the real deal. Imagine looking in your rear view mirror and seeing that green monster staring right back? This is the same Warthog that we’ve being seeing images from Bungie’s site over the past few months. Looks like the guys at WETA went the extra mile giving the Warthog a life of its own. Does that engine not sound evil? Makes one wonder if the gun-turret in the back is fully functional?

Of course the Warthog is all part of the collaboration of Bungie and Peter Jackson on the Halo project overseas at the Weta Workshop in New Zealand. Lord knows what other fun stuff they’re doing over there. The update continues with a reminder of the new Bungie website launch later this week, and Bungie giving fair warning of the many opportunities for Halo 3 plot spoilers to surface (hinting the site itself). Then more tales of game reviewers vs. Bungie exploits at Halo 3 multiplayer. Apparently, one of the Bungie guys has already come up with a Forge mode resembling baseball. Wacky. By the end of this week, Halo 3 coverage will be practically bursting at the seams.

Bungie continues announcing the The Halo-themed NASCAR, which Stephany covered earlier. Interesting enough, Bungie states the driver, David Stremme, is allegedly a Halo fan. No surprise there. Bungie then answers ‘yes’ to a fan’s question of whether Halo 3 will have a brightness setting, ala Bioshock. Of course, Bungie mentions a thing or two about the (new) Halo 3 TV commercial including photo of the diorama with caption “Your history project scores an ‘A,’ young Stanley.” And somehow I missed this in my earlier post regarding that. In closing, Bungie points us to a parody video created by SarcasticGamer.

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