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Posted on November 12, 2010, Ben Richardson Call of Duty: Black Ops Intel

As in other Call of Duty games, there are various pieces of intel scattered throughout the Black Ops gameworld. You can simply unlock them all using the cheat code, or you can collect them by hand, ensuring that you’ll explore the full extent of the game‘s lushly designed levels.

If you’re into that kind of thing, you can check out our list below, which tabulates all the pieces of Intel available in the game.

Operation 40

1. After you infiltrate the compound and kill the soldiers in the first building, don’t leave the building yet. From the door you first entered through, walk straight across to the boxes along the opposite wall. Look behind a rifle and on top of the boxes there for a brown reel-to-reel tape recorder.

2. After you kill Castro, and after the fight on the walkway, before you head down the stairs, check for a bedroom on the right side walkway, near where Bowman came out to rejoin you. You should find it attached to an alcove set slight apart from the railings and staircase where you’ve been fighting. Inside the bedroom, check the top of the dresser for the tape recorder.

3. The level’s final piece of Intel is inside the hangar, so don’t go sprinting after Woods and Bowman just yet. Instead, move to the front left corner of the room, where you’ll see a staircase and platform. Climb the stairs and you’ll find the tape recorder at the top.


1. Follow Reznov over to the nook he stops in with the radio equipment. Check the shelf with the books to his right, along the wall. The tape recorder is laying there.

2.Right after you leave the security room, there’s a staircase you need to take directly in front of you, to the right of the security room if you’re facing it, but ignore it for now. Instead, make for the hallway past the staircase that heads off to the right. Follow it back to a small room that has a light over a desk with a tape recorder on it. The Intel package is there.

3. After you finish the mini-gun sequence and the cutscene afterwards, you get control back. Before you do anything, look at the wall past Reznov. You’ll see a door with a green light above it, and to the right of that, a shelf illuminated by a work light. Walk up to the shelf and check the bottom of it for your third Intel kit.

Executive Order

1. Check the table to the left of Weaver’s chair to find an Intel package.

2. While Weaver’s trying to stop the rocket, quickly move to the back left corner and take the Intel tape recorder from below the TV monitor. It can be a little difficult to get close enough because of the chair there. Get it fast and then get back outside.



1. After destroying the tanks, go forward at the top of the hill to the shed that’s filled with missiles and other boxes, covered with a green tarp. Look for the pile of crates at the front, just to the right of the path. On the right side of that pile is your Intel tape recorder.

2. After you’ve taken out the NVA with the barrels, look to the left side of the hill. You’ll find a bunker toward the bottom that you can enter. Check the thin window slit at the front of it, which looks out over the battlefield, to find the reel-to-reel.

3. See that guy waving his hands around and acting crazy? That’s Sgt. Welch. Go past him to the corner behind him and check the shelf on the right.

The Defector

1. Once you join up with Reznov, follow him out the door and into the hallway beyond. You’ll see a little offshoot room to the right. Step into that and check the desk at the back to get your tape recorder.

2. Remember that building with the RPG team that you called the air strike against? It’s the tall one at the end of the first street. Go into the alley beside it and you’ll find a door that lets you get into the side. Move through it, past the kitchen and down a small flight of stairs. You’ll turn left and go through a tiny room with a desk in it — on the desk, you’ll find your recorder.

3. Go through the building you just blew up and out to the LZ beyond. A helicopter has landed, but ignore it for now. Instead, while facing the helicopter, turn right toward a building that has cars parked in front of it. Head inside the building and turn left to find a table with a phone on it and the tape recorder beside that.

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