Call of Duty: Ghosts Story Details Revealed — It’s Set in 2023

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Posted on June 13, 2013, Ian Miles Cheong Call of Duty: Ghosts Story Details Revealed — It’s Set in 2023

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Call of Duty: Ghosts is Activision’s and Infinity Ward’s latest foray into the Call of Duty franchise, and it’s one that takes place apart from any of the previous titles in a world where the United States of America is no longer a superpower.

As the underdogs, players take on the role of an operative in a military outfit known as the Ghosts, playing the role of Hesh—a detail revealed to us in one of the game’s first gameplay trailers. However, according to Infinity Ward Executive Producer Mark Rubin, the name remains a placeholder, and may not be the character’s final name once the game is released.  Rubin says they don’t know if the name is final, but they had to use something. Hesh is a nickname and a skater term, so that’s what they went with for the time being.

Attending a Call of Duty: Ghosts event at E3 today, we learned that one of the missions, titled “Federation Day,” will take place in Caracas, Venezuela, which is described as Ghosts’ “enemy capital”. Armed guards in the demonstration, which they previewed at the event, can be heard speaking Spanish, and the mission’s time stamps place the game’s setting in the year 2023—the not-too-distant future where the United States is no longer a global superpower.

According to Infinity Ward, America is at war with the South American Federation of Countries, and not just Venezuela. Disaster in the United States of America plus an abundance of natural resources allowed for the Federation to develop into a new superpower. If anything, it should give players the excuse to shoot at more brown-skinned people—not exactly an endearing quality of the Call of Duty series, but we’ll see.

In any case, the disaster that struck America is known as “The Event”, though we were not told exactly what that was—only that it resulted in the downfall of America. Whatever “The Event” is, it left a major impact crater in San Diego—the results of which can be seen in one of the game’s previous trailers—including the one where Riley, the dog, is introduced as a controllable character that behaves much like a drone. The game’s main characters are said to have lived through the experience. It’s anyone’s guess as to what happened.

We’ll be updating this post with more story details about Call of Duty: Ghosts as the information becomes available.

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