Call of Duty news teased for May 1, Black Ops 2 expected

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Published by Jim Sterling 6 years ago , last updated 1 month ago

The next Call of Duty game looks set for reveal on May 1, and signs are pointing to an official Black Ops followup. Black Ops 2 has been rumored for most of this year, and given how well it performed, it’s unsurprising that Treyarch would want to continue its run. has the tease, stating the “World Reveal” would air during the basketball playoffs on TNT. It also has a number of “Classified” links that are scheduled to open and show clues on specific days. The first one bears the fuzzy image above, with others set to be unleashed in the lead to the television presentation.

NeoGAF has uncovered references to Black Ops 2 in the site’s source code, which further corroborates the idea that such a sequel is in the making.

So there you go, another Call of Duty on the horizon. It’s hardly a shock at this point, right?

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