Call of Duty: Warzone hits 15 million players in first week

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Published by FileTrekker 2 years ago , last updated 2 years ago

It released less than a week ago, but early signs seem to suggest that Call of Duty: Warzone, a new, free to play Battle Royale mode available as part of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare or as a standalone title, is going to make it's mark on the scene.

It sets itself apart from games such as PUBG by allowing players to fight one on one for a chance of a respawn in the Gulag. Other than that, it's basically the same old Battle Royale experience, although the Call of Duty brand no doubts carries the title further than most.

The game has already amassed over 15 million players, and had 6 million within the first 24 hours. That's a huge number. It seems likely to continue, too, as reviews of the game have been largely positive. 

It remains to be seen how much share the game takes away from games like PUBG and Fortnite, but we'll be sure to keep an eye on the situation to see where Warzone fits into the Battle Royale landscape in the weeks and months ahead.

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