Call of Duty: Warzone tournament ends in dramatic hacking scandal

By FileTrekker 2 years ago, last updated 2 years ago

The Twitch Rivals: Doritos Bowl ft. Call of Duty Warzone Finals have come to an abrupt and dramatic halt, thanks to fall accusations of cheating that has called the game's anti-cheating software into question once again.

The event has come under fire after a player was ejected from the tournament, which had a total $250,000 price pot, following accusations of cheating. The player, Metzy_B, was alleged to have used an aimbot during the competition.

The accusation was made by fellow competitor Thomas "Tommey" Trewren, who claimed to observe Metzy_B "locking on" to another player in a style characteristic of an aimbot. The event was halted, and after an hour, Twitch Rivals had confirmed they had removed Metzy for cheating, with the team then removed from the tournament. 

Many have claimed that the clip (above) is too low quality and inconclusive to be able to make such a judgement. Regardless, the tournament then continued with one team down, with Metzy's team being robbed of a minimum $1,200 prize, which they would have won even if they came last.

However, Metzy then went on to join Tommey on his live stream to go through his computer's files, in an attempt to clear his name. In an unprecedented move, he gave Tommey remote access of his computer, allowing him to look for evidence of cheating - none could be found.

Tommey then publicly apologised for the claims, stating while he believed "something was off" on the clip, there was not enough evidence to confirm they had cheated.

Questions are now being raised as to how Twitch Rivals arrived at their decision, and why such a conclusion was made when the team in question were not, as it turns out, cheating at all. The problem is compounded by the fact that cheating is rife in Warzone, with the situation becoming increasingly problematic.

Tommey has at least offered up his share of the prize money to Metzy as an apology for what happened, which is at least a nice gesture. 


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