Call of Duty: Warzone Vanguard has guns that don't shoot straight

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Published by FileTrekker 1 year ago , last updated 1 year ago

When you're firing a gun, especially in a video game, you generally expect it to shoot straight. After all, how else are you supposed to accurately aim? Enter Call of Duty: Warzone Vanguard, which decided that accuracy isn't all that important, with most guns in the game now firing in seemingly random directions with each shot.

Players are finding that nearly all of the 40 guns added in the new Warzone Pacific update are suffering from the issue, and it seems to be related to a new 'aim bloom' feature that is supposed to give bullets a random chance to land a few inches away from where you're targeting.

It seems to be a problem, though, with players finding the new feature causing an unfair disadvantage in fights, with Raven software now acknowledging they had gone a little too far with the new feature. Thankfully, a new patch has now been issued which "drastically reduced the amount of ‘Bloom’ on all base Vanguard weapons." 

It's still in the game though, and players are still unhappy, with Raven now confirming that the feature will be removed entirely in a new update. Apparently, "this process will take time, as we will need to determine adequate downsides to counterbalance the removal of Bloom, which will vary based on each individual Weapon and the type of Attachment they are attributed to." 

The patch does not affect Vanguard itself, however, just the Warzone component, which may make switching between the two games a little confusing. We'll be sure to report any further updates as we learn them.

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