Call of the Dead – How to Kill George Romero

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Posted on May 9, 2011, GameFront Staff Call of the Dead – How to Kill George Romero

To spice up the “Call of the Dead” zombies mode in their new Escalation DLC, Treyarch recruited some household names. Robert Englund, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, and Danny Trejo as Machete are all playable characters, but the biggest star is indubitably George A. Romero, writer/director of Night of the Living Dead and other undead classics, who appears in zombie form!

Recast as a bespectacled juggernaut hungry for brains, the director chases players around the Call of the Dead map relentlessly. Taking him out will require skill, patience, and specific knowledge of how to approach the fight. We may not be able to provide the first two things, but we’ve got a line on the second! Our HD-quality video of Romero biting the dust can be found below!

  1. Restart the level over and over until the mystery box is at the mid level of the lighthouse (You will see a blue beam of light in front of you when Round 1 begins).
  2. Kill Zombies until you get 1700 points.
  3. Walk up the cavernous area and clear the debris from the path (A sideways boat). Doing so will cost you 750 points.
  4. Use the mystery box. If you pull the Scavenger, move to Step 5. If you get anything else go back to Step 1.
  5. Get a good second weapon, either from the box or from the wall.
  6. Turn on the power (2750).
  7. Save 7000 points; 5000 for Pack a Punch, 2000 for the PHD flopper perk.
  8. Try to create a Crawler, a ray gun, or an explosive, then wait for the Pack a Punch machine to be at the starting location by running around the map while watching the lighthouse.
  9. First, upgrade your Scavenger gun to the Hyena Infra-Dead, then get the Flopper perk.
  10. Try to attack George in the area the Quick Revive is at so that you can keep him from raging.
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