Capcom is building the next-generation RE Engine known as REX

By FileTrekker a month ago, last updated a month ago

Capcom has revealed that it is working on the next generation of its RE Engine, known under the internal codename of REX engine.

Why REX? Well, it apparently stands for RE neXt Engine, although further details were somewhat sparse. The announcement was made at the end of a presentation on the past and future of the RE Engine, with programmer Tomofumi Ishida talking through the engine's evolution over the last 6 years.

Ishida talked about the need for a next-gen version of the engine, which he hopes will be able to handle higher volumes of assets, at larger asset sizes, more efficiently. He also spoke to the need for customizability and usability within the engine, specifically making the engine more adaptable to the wide range of titles under development at the studio.

What this ultimately translates to in terms of benefits for end users, we don't currently know. The last games to use the current RE engine were Resident Evil 4 remake and Exoprimal, but it seems likely given the development timeframe that at least one or two more games may release under the current version of the RE engine.


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