Capcom is going after paid Street Fighter mods

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Published by FileTrekker 1 year ago , last updated 9 months ago

There's a huge market for costume mods, and many have been released as payware mods, especially those that are adult in nature.  Two well-known creators of such mods, who charge for their work, have now had takedown notices from Capcom.

The modders, Khaledantar666 and Brutal Ace, both had Patreon pages which in Khalendantar666's case was required in order to access the mods. Brutal Ace also collected money from patrons, but offered the mods for free, with exclusive early access to Patreon backers. The content of both modders, while varied, often contained nude or very scantily clad women as part of their content offering.

Khaledantar666's page has now been taken down, but reportedly the author was offering any mod of the backer's choosing to be created for a $50 pledge, and between $25 to $40 for nude mods to be created.

Both authors often recycled models and other assets from other games, too, a practice not likely to go down well with game developers on both sides. Both authors caused some controversy within the community for their approaches, as mods have traditionally always been free to users. Now, Brutal Ace blames the community speaking out for the shutdown of his Patreon.

He's not leaving the Street Fighter modding scene, however, and has stated he will continue to make mods and share them from free, after a short sabbatical away. 

Brutal AceI am planning to continue creating these mods for my supporters and I will share them for free to everyone whenever I’ll return from my break. Though right now, I don’t have enough motivation to do anything for the toxic part of this community, and this break will probably help me.

Brutal Ace compared his work to 'fan art' - which many people can make money from with services such as DeviantArt. While arguably the content on offer is quite clearly far from true art, and more obviously a way to grab the money of those wishing to see video game characters fight in little to no clothing, it is a valid point of view.

Do you think the community and Capcom were right to have this practice stopped? Or are the mod authors the ones who should be allowed to accept donations for their work, regardless of the content? Let us know in the comments below.

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