Capital Wasteland Project cancelled after legal pressure

By FileTrekker 6 years ago, last updated 2 years ago

The Capital Wasteland project, a mod to port Fallout 3 into the Fallout 4 engine, has been cancelled after Bethesda and outside legal counsel intervened.

After consulting with both Bethsda and his own legal counsel, NafNaf_95, real name Nathan and one of the lead developers of the project, stated;

NafNaf_95This was honestly one of the hardest decisions I’ve had to make. Recently we have communicated with Bethesda regarding our planned method to implement the voice acting and the other audio from Fallout 3 into the Capital Wasteland, During this conversation it became clear our planned approach would raise some serious red flags that we had unfortunately not foreseen.

This puts a major spanner in the projects' works, as resources to record new dialogue to replace the already existing ones are beyond the resources available to the project. After discussing it at length, the team decided to call it a day.

NafNaf_95Bethesda didn’t technically shut us down, But a few members of staff heavily hinted at our methods being illegal.

While not a takedown by Bethesda in the traditional sense, the move will still no doubt earn some backlash from the modding community. The company is normally a big proponent of mods, supporting them through their game interface on both PC and console, but in this case the issue seems to stem from the fact the voice acting is licensed from big names such as Liam Neeson and Malcom McDowell, and not the outright property of Bethesda.

The news could also spell a similar fate for Fallout 4: New Vegas, a similar project to port New Vegas to Fallout 4. Nathan has stated that he reached out to the developers of that project with the information he has obtained.


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6 years ago

I hope they don't suffer too much of a backlash. It was the decision of the modders themselves, based on the potential legal risks. If Bethesda should be bashed, they should be bashed for the right things - paid mods, buggy games, that lot. But they've never really been particularly harsh with legal threats.