Captain America: Super Soldier Walkthrough

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Posted on July 15, 2011, Phil Hornshaw Captain America: Super Soldier Walkthrough

What could be more American than fighting Nazis? Nothing, if Captain America: Super Soldier has anything to say about it. The game features the iconic Marvel super-hero brawling and platforming his way through European castles to defeat the evil machinations of Hydra. Taking a page from Batman: Arkham Asylum and Assassin’s Creed, Captain America can fluidly fight multiple enemies at once with his fists or his distinctive shield.

Get patriotic with Gamefront’s complete text and video walkthrough. Excuse me while I wax poetic; give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses yearning to breathe free — give me your achievements, and your trophies, and your cheats. Actually, you guys can have them, they’re on the house. In America!

The walkthrough will be posted as our editors play the game. Keep checking back for more updates!

Table of Contents
Chapter 1
Chapter 2
Chapter 3
The Industrial Yard
The Armory
Chapter 4
Chapter 5
Chapter 6
Chapter 7
Chapter 8
Chapter 9
Chapter 10

The Walkthrough


  1. Welcome to Captain America. The very first thing you’ll want to do is spin around and walk back toward the bunker behind you.
  2. CERAMIC EGG: Right behind the crate, on the ground, you’ll find your first Ceramic Egg. These count toward the “Eggman” Achievement or Trophy.
  3. Follow the trench forward, where you’ll encounter some enemies — first a small group, then a larger one. You’ll receive some tutorial information about how to fight.
  4. Keep moving. You’ll descend into a bunker and pass a few soldiers and Bucky. Further on, you’ll see some soldiers fighting along the wall and fight off a few more guys, then jump a flaming pit. On the far side are even more enemies, where you’ll get a quick tutorial about shield use.
  5. When you see the big thing take out the tanks, you’ll be able to perform a Crippling Strike. Use it to put serious hurt on this big guy, then beat the snot out of him with regular attacks until he’s done.
  6. ACHIEVEMENT/TROPHY: The “Trench Foot” Achievement or Trophy is unlocked for completing the Prologue.

Chapter 1

  1. Head to the front of the plane and use the radio. Follow the instructions to pick up the dossier and then the film reel.
  2. After bailing out of the plane, run around the room knocking out the soldiers as prompted. Check the table and the window with the sand bags for two dossiers you can pick up for extra Intel points.
  3. Head out of the room along the walkway. When you enter the next hallway, turn left and grab a dossier from the table before descending the stairs. You’ll see two grunts to wail on when you get there, which shouldn’t be too tough. Grab the dossier off the table to the right of the keypad next.
  4. Now approach the keypad. Line up the “E” on the left with the one on the right to decrypt it.
  5. Keep moving through the formerly locked door and use your shield from a distance to drop the three soldiers. When they’re dead, you’ll head outside for an acrobatic section. Time your button presses for when the circle closes in on the prompt to get a Perfect Timing bonus.
  6. ACHIEVEMENT: Get five “Perfect Timings” in a row to unlock the “Grace Under Pressure” Achievement.
  7. In the next room, you’ll fight a few grunts and get training on how to use your shield for protection. Beat them down while avoiding getting shot.
  8. CERAMIC EGG: Check in the hallway where the two sets of guards just came out from. In the back on the left side is a Ceramic Egg. On the right is a dossier.
  9. CERAMIC EGG: There’s a second egg in the left corner of the main room if you’re facing the Enigma keypad.
  10. Hit the keypad next, lining up the “E” again. Head through the door and turn right for a dossier before following the hallway forward. You’ll enter a big room with a bunch of guys at one end, standing in front of machinery. Hit the panels behind them with the shield to explode them and take them out.Blow up 500 explodable objects to unlock an Achievement or Trophy.
  11. You can grab dossiers from the back, rounded portion of the room off a desk, and also one off the big table in the middle of the room. Take the stairs up next and climb the ladder to the radio room. Take the dossier off the table on the left, near the two crates.
  12. ACHIEVEMENT: Ahead of that is another table with an object you can take on it — a Zemo family heirloom. Snag it and you’ll unlock the “Hello God? It’s Me, Zemo” Achievement. Find all 13 of them for the “Two Hands and a Sword” Achievement.
  13. Go over to the radio and use it. That ends the first chapter.
  14. ACHIEVEMENT: You’ll unlock the “Just Stood There” Achievement for completing Chapter 1.

Chapter 2

  1. Enemies stream in as soon as you hit the ground. You’ll fight three groups in total, each bigger than the last — but they shouldn’t give you much trouble. When you’re done, take the path with the stairs that eventually go up, not the ones back down.
  2. Take the path left. You’ll go into a room where there’s just one grunt. Take him out, grabbing the dossier on the table as you pass it in the hallway, and the one in the back right corner of the room. Then touch the bookcase to move it and reveal a secret passage.
  3. ARTIFACT: You’ll find this on the table in the passage. It unlocks a Zemo diary.
  4. Keep moving until you exit the secret passage. You’ll fight two enemies with shields — they’re best defeated by hitting them when they go to attack you (it’s recommended you buy the counterattack upgrade as soon as possible), then knocking them out while they’re down.
  5. FILM REEL: When they’re done, check for a film reel beside the fireplace. That gets you the “24 Frames a Second” Achievement. There are also two dossiers on tables nearby.
  6. You’re in the clear. Head to the Enigma panel and align the D’s. Grab the dossier from the table on the left before you descend the stairs.
  7. CERAMIC EGG: You’ll find this one on the right side of the stairs.
  8. Head down the stairs and you’ll see the AA gun cooling unit you have to disable. Ignore it for a second and go to the right.
  9. SCHEMATIC: Take the rightmost door on the right side of the room, the one on the same wall as the stairs. You’ll find the first schematic at the back wall, on the floor. That’ll net you the “Snap Together Soldiers” Achievement.
  10. FILM REEL: Also on the right side of the room, in the left corner behind a column, is another door. Grab the film reel off the projector there.
  11. Go short out the machine now. You’ll have to fight a bunch of enemies, grunts and shield-bearing Spartans, once you do. Knock them down quickly and then  knock them out if you can, but keep on your toes.
  12. When the melee enemies are done, you’ll face two snipers above you. You can take them out with your shield, or reflect their bullets if you time your blocks right. After they’re down, you can use your shield on the nearby ladder (the box marked with yellow lines) to free up a ladder. You’ll find a dossier on the table there, and a Hydra briefcase filled with Intel through the doorway on the left.
  13. Back down, use the shield to knock down a ladder to the left of where the snipers were. Climb that and then jump to the beam to cover the chasm. Avoid the launching prompt and go around the corner to the right.
  14. ARTIFACT: To get another Zemo thing, head to the end of this walkway and then jump across the heat exchange machine to the far side. Head back in the other direction to find a statue you can take, unlocking another journal entry.
  15. Back to the launcher. Jump onto the poles and leap across to the wooden platform. Turn around and do it again with the two poles against the wall.
  16. CERAMIC EGG: Stop here and check to the left of where you land, beside a pillar, for an egg.
  17. Do the “Run Around Turn” prompt and keep going until you hit the heat exchanger. Sabotage it.
  18. Enter the thing you just blew up and follow the path around until you get to the ammo feed machine. Sabotage that, too, and you’re done with that AA gun and the chapter.
  19. ACHIEVEMENT: The “Overdue Notice” Achievement is yours for finishing Chapter 2.

Chapter 3

  1. EGG: Do a 360 with the camera and check out the area around you before you leave the round wooden platform. You’ll find the egg behind you.
  2. Launch yourself from the nearby springboard and go through the platforming section ahead. When you land, you’ll be engaged by several soldiers as you head around the corner. Look for the ones with guns and drop them first, and beware of the sniper above. Use the shield to reflect his bullets back.
  3. When you’re finished, search the area a bit before heading into the building. There’s a Hydra briefcase in front of the door of another house to the right of the building you need to enter, and another in an alcove behind a crate to the right of that.
  4. EGG: Stand in front of the building you’re supposed to enter and turn right. Walk toward the barred tunnel entrance and head up the stairs to the left of it, where you’ll find the egg near the railing. You’ll also find documents as you head up the stairs and a film canister down the short alley on the left.
  5. There’s more intel to be found behind the trucks to the right of the door and against the wall behind some barrels, and on the far left both in front of the fence and behind it, in small courtyard. When you’re in the courtyard to the left of the front door, check down the tunnel for another briefcase.
  6. Finally, you should be ready to go inside. Head up to the door and enter the Bunkhouse. If you’ve got lots of Focus, you can aim a shield throw and lock on to four targets, taking them out without entering the next room. That’ll send the guards coming your way – sidestep left to get out of the doorway to the dining room to avoid getting sniped.
  7. Beat down the guards, then head inside and reflect the snipers’ bullets back at them to clear the room. Time to start looking for collectibles.
  8. ARTIFACT: Head to the bar on the left side of the dining room as you enter it, where you’ll find a beer stein artifact. You’ll also find intel on the table on the right, opposite the bar.
  9. ARTIFACT: Keep heading to the right to enter a small room with some beds. Check the table on the left as you enter the door for a Prussian helmet.
  10. From here, head down the hall into a locker room. Check the corner to the right as you enter and the table in the back left corner for intel dossiers.
  11. ARTIFACT: Next is the kitchen. Enter it and immediately turn left to find a second beer stein on the table against the wall.
  12. Finally, move into the store room with the wine casks and find some intel behind the first row of them. Exit into the dining room and head back to the first hallway where you entered the building. When you turn right, you should find stairs to the second level.
  13. ARTIFACT: Your second Prussian helmet is at the end of the walkway as you get to the top of the stairs. Turn right when you get to the large room with the tables where the snipers were, and grab it from the table against the left wall. There’s also intel on the table across from this near the railing.
  14. Head over to the locked door. You’ll need to go find the code to get into it. Before you do, turn right from the locked door and you’ll find a launcher where you can jump across the rafters and reach a ledge with a Hydra briefcase.
  15. Back up top, take the door to the left of the large common room with the railing. There’s more intel inside, and you’ll find an internal radio that will give you the code. Return to the locked door and decrypt it. Inside, check the tables for intel before heading upstairs.
  16. At the top of the steps, you’ll enter a room with a bunch of guys at computer panels. You can blow the panels up with your shield, taking out at least a few of the guys, before you engage the rest. You’ll drop them easily.
  17. FILM REEL: Check the table in the middle of the room for intel and the Ballistic Soldiers reel.
  18. ARTIFACT: Immediately to the left of the door you entered through if you were facing into the room is a gold falcon statue on a table. Grab it. The nearby desk also has intel.
  19. Go ahead and use the radio across the room. After you do, a bunch of soldiers will stream in to take you out, under cover of smoke grenades. Fight them up here where it’s tough to see (they brought shields and guns), or vault the nearby railing and make them chase you to where you have the advantage.
  20. When you’re done, it’s time to leave the bunkhouse the way you came in. There’s a patrol of guards coming from the tunnel entrance when you exit that you’ll need to clear out. Head down that way and you’ll find a stopped truck with two more guards to drop.
  21. EGG: Take the right path at the truck and you’ll come to an egg.
  22. Now double back down the left path. At the end, you’ll come into a courtyard that has a gun emplacement and two soldiers. It’s not just any gun, though – it’s a rocket launcher and it’ll knock you flat. Use the dodge button to get your feet back and run into the barn as quickly as possible.
  23. Clear out the soldiers on the ground, then turn right and climb the ladder to get to the snipers and the rocket gunner. With everyone cleared out, you’re free to search the courtyard for collectibles before continuing on. Head back outside, grabbing intel from the barn along the way. If you take hold of the rocket gun, you’ll get a chance to shoot some soldiers.
  24. ARTIFACT: Before heading back down, step past the rocket gun to where there’s an Enigma machine you can decrypt. Left of that is a yellow door. Punch it open and you’ll reveal a platforming section that will take you to the two silos to the left of the barn, one of which hides a Virginal Statue.
  25. EGG: Back on the ground, you’ll find more intel in the porches in front of the door across form the barn entrance, and if you turn left from the barn entrance as you exit it, you’ll find the egg on a haystack in the corner.
  26. SCHEMATIC: If you’ve decrypted the door lock on the second floor of the barn, go ahead and head down now. Right as you reach the bottom of the ramp, straight in front of you is a schematic you can grab.
  27. Take the path to the right – the left leads back to the bunkhouse – and you’ll enter a large area vertical area with the AA gun above. Take out the guards below and the two at the top of the stairs. Check behind the crates for a Hydra briefcase.
  28. Back downstairs, go through the door near where you fought the guards. The tunnel takes you to the industrial yards you’ve been looking for. There are snipers posted, so be careful.

The Industrial Yard

  1. Right ahead of you are two yellow-clad techs working on some trucks. Hit one of the red barrels nearby to blow them up, but don’t let either tech escape and get to the alarm to the left. Your thrown shield will stop them, and the explosion should get rid of the sniper walking on the rooftop of the carport.
  2. EGG: In the middle of that carport on a table, between two trucks.
  3. Check the corners of the carport for intel, then backtrack and take the alley on the left, where you’ll find a big propane tank and lots more exploding barrels. Blow them all up. Feel free to keep running around, blowing things up and taking out guards until the yards are clear. Watch for snipers.
  4. Time to look for goodies. From the carport, go around the corner to the left to the first path where you’ll see big shipping containers. There’s a green one with nothing stacked on top that you’ll see first. Climb on top of it to get the canister. Check all the corners for intel as well.
  5. ARTIFACT: Go between the shipping containers around the right side of the green one. You’ll find yourself in a fenced courtyard. On the right is another container you can climb up, where you’ll find another Gold Falcon statue.
  6. SCHEMATIC: Ahead is a hole in the fence. Immediately left of that hole is a green container. Climb it and follow it to where a small wooden wall has been erected, which hides the schematic.
  7. EGG: Leave by the hole and right across the little street from you, you should see a staircase and an egg at the top.
  8. You can access the Motor Pool, your destination, from a staircase to your right, but don’t go there yet. Instead, double back along the left side of the compound, where you’ll see a fence and a metal tower behind it. You can slip through a hole in the fence, where you’ll find a mounted rocket launcher.
  9. SCHEMATIC: Around the corner on the right, to the right of the mounted gun, you’ll find a schematic spread out on a box.
  10. ARTIFACT: Immediately to the right of the schematic is a cameo. Grab that too. There’s also intel here.
  11. Finally, if you grab the rocket launcher you can start shooting at exploding barrels and snipers posted along the castle wall across the pit from you. There are several but one rocket drops any of them. It’s basically a chance for freebie points.
  12. Now back to the Motor Pool. You’ll see three mechanics as you enter – take them out, which isn’t tough, and proceed into the building. You’ll see more mechanics, with the best way of dispatching them being the red barrels surrounding them. Blow stuff up.
  13. You’ve got a couple of snipers to deal with as you go deeper into the building, and beyond once the room is clear, you’ll be attacked by a large soldier with one of those grenade launcher-type guns you dealt with back in the prologue. The best way to dispatch him is with strong attacks and reflecting his shots back at him. He’s not too tough to defeat.
  14. FILM REEL: Go through the door he opened to reach the next room. Check the table in the first room for intel, then in the second (with the flickering power box in front of the door), turn right and grab the reel off the table.
  15. Just beyond that room, you’ll fight another big red-helmeted guy. Repeat the process and keep clear of his explosive attacks and you’ll do fine. Head up the stairs when you’re done.
  16. To open the door on this side, you need to platform your way over to the snipers on the other side of the warehouse. Perfect timing will keep you from getting shot, so try to move fast. On the far side, drop the three snipers and you’re set.
  17. SCHEMATIC: There’s a mess of cool stuff in here. Straight across from the door is a schematic on a box.
  18. ARTIFACT: Check the back of the room for a Prussian helmet.
  19. EGG: Destroy the chalk board to find an egg behind it. There’s also some intel scattered around as well.
  20. Take the door out on the right – there’s still stuff to find in this room. Swing across to the catwalk, where you’ll find intel, and then walk to the end of it. You’ll be able to jump to a pole but there’s nowhere to go past that. From the catwalk, throw your shield at the green machine hanging from the ceiling to lower another pole. Cross back to where you started.
  21. FILM REEL: Head back around the catwalk to where you first started the platforming section, but face the wall. Using Vision (Up on the D-Pad), you’ll see that you can grab a piece of pipe running along the wall that leads to a ventilation fan. Jump up to it and shimmy around, then drop down and punch through the fan to get the reel.
  22. EGG: This one’s a pain to reach. You need to start the platforming section that takes you to the snipers on the far side, but you need to stop in the middle of it and drop down. Keep moving through the platforming until you do the second turn and you come to a stop. Cap will be perched on an iron beam about midway across the room. If you use Vision here, you’ll see two poles you’ll swing on, plus a curious ledge beneath you. Swing across the first pole, then down to the higher one and stop. Turn around and swing back the way you came and you’ll land on the lower ledge. Drop down off the left side of that ledge and you’ll land on a cargo container that contains intel and your egg.
  23. EGG: Finally – time to go. Head into the door you opened back at the beginning of the platforming section. You’ll see your egg on the left side of the room, on a table.
  24. EGG: There’s an additional egg on the left side of the room, against the wall and behind those two lockers near the door.
  25. Back outside, climb the stairs and platform your way across to the sniper. Jump to the ground and kill a few guards. There’s a door nearby you can go through – skip it for now and check for intel on the other side. There’s a briefcase behind the boxes. Then go into the armory.

The Armory

  1. Enter the building and take out the first three guards as quick as you can to stop them calling reinforcements. Look round for intel and move on until you find a decryption machine to open a door down a flight of stairs.
  2. Pummel the guard at the bottom of the stairs, being careful of the snipers that will likely get called in behind you. After they’re all gone, check around for intel and then set the explosive on the ammo cache.
  3. To escape the armory, run forward, not back – a new exit has been opened in front of you, but there are some guys to fight, blocking the way. The best way to handle them is not at all; just run past to trigger the next area and get back outside.
  4. EGG: Follow the path until it starts to climb at a set of stairs. Go around the corner and go down a flight rather than heading up. You’ll find a tunnel and an egg along the way.
  5. Keep going and you’ll eventually exit the tunnel and fight some guards. There’s intel at the top of the street to the right. Down to the left are more guards and more paths – take the one to the right, which goes up the street some. You’ll descend into a set of tunnels.
  6. From down here, keep moving and you’ll eventually find a decryption machine that lets you open a door all the way back to the bunkhouse; you may have seen it from the other side while you were exploring there.
  7. EGG: From the bunkhouse door you just opened, head back and turn left rather than going back up the flight of stairs. You’ll find an egg in the next room to the left.
  8. SEWERS: There’s also a Sewer entrance here. Find all of these and you’ll unlock an achievement. You can also use the Sewers to quickly travel between different areas in the castle. Feel free to head down now until you “unlock” the sewers, before returning to the tunnels in the West Ward.
  9. Back outside of the tunnel, you can head down the street opposite where you just exited to find a road that leads all the way back down to the industrial yard outside of the motor pool, more or less just For Your Information. Head back through that tunnel with the egg all the way back to where you started, near the armory explosion. Now head up the stairs instead of ignoring them.
  10. EGG: Follow the path until it starts to climb at a set of stairs. You’ll see a truck littered with explosives. Blow it up and it’ll clear the stuff away from an egg, located just to the left of the truck.
  11. Keep moving around the corner to find a decryption machine. Decrypt it (duh) and you’ll be able to enter an elevator and end the chapter. Finally.
  12. ACHIEVEMENT: You get the “Trojan Splinters” Achievement for all that work.

Chapter 4

  1. As you exit the elevator, you’ll be attacked by several enemies. Best them and look around behind you for intel. Head forward through the containers and you’ll quickly discover that you’re barred from going forward by an electric fence. Nearby, you can hit a winch cable with your shield to clear the way.
  2. Check under the stairs for a pile of crates you can destroy, which will get you to an intel film canister. It’s not essential, but it is a cool, hidden 100 points.
  3. Head through the formerly electrified gate. You’ll face another handful of soldiers and a sniper. Take them out, check in the container for intel, then smash the cable.
  4. You’ve only got one more cable to go. Go through the container and “weaponize” the enemy to gain access to his grenade launcher. Blast all the guards, including the two snipers – one on your left, one across from you – and then smash the last cable to open the door forward.
  5. Three more snipers come out of the door ahead. Run up the stairs to take them out and then go through the door. Bam – end of Chapter 4.
  6. ACHIEVEMENT: You’ll receive the “Send a Post Card” for working through Chapter 4.

Chapter 5

  1. Grab the zipline ahead and you’ll blast into the radar dome. There, you’ll have to fight off a few enemies as you land, but they shouldn’t be too tough.
  2. Look for a Hydra briefcase near all the explosive panels before you start planting bombs. Place the first, platform up to the second, and place that. That’ll trigger a fight between you and Baron von Strucker.
  3. You can’t really attack the Baron directly. You’ll need to use your dodge to roll over his back and attack him from his blind side. He’ll always follow this up with an attack you can counter, so if you’re quick, you can hit him hard. Afterward, dodge clear of the red blast he shoots at the ground.
  4. After you deal some damage, Strucker will call reinforcements. Stay clear of him after you injure him and jump out to where you can deal with the little guys quickly. It’ll make things easier when they aren’t crowding the battlefield.
  5. Repeat the process with Strucker, dodging him, pounding him and countering him, until you whittle his health down. When that happens, you’ll trigger a quicktime event in which you’ll have to pound first on the X or Square button, then on the Y or Triangle button. Beat him and you’ll toss him over the side of the railing.
  6. Head on up. Check the small room to the left for intel then platform your way to the dish. Beat down the guys there and clear out the explosive barrels to find some more intel. After that, you’ll have to use that arcing wire sabotage trick to expose the core.
  7. With the armor down, you can approach the dish but Strucker and more reinforcements will come to stop you. The smaller enemies don’t stop, so you want to ignore them as long as you’re only fighting Strucker. You’ve gotta be careful they don’t come over and start gang-beating you – keep your finger on the dodge button.
  8. Keep dodging clear of Strucker, taking out his gun-toting minions, then swinging back over to pummel him. Eventually you’ll get him down to nothing again, giving you another quick-time event to deal with. The button this time is B or Circle.
  9. Plant the charge and enjoy your chapter-ending cutscene.
  10. ACHIEVEMENT: The “Fully Operational” Achievement is unlocked for completing Chapter 5.

Chapter 6

  1. Follow the prompts to get loose, then head to the right of the electrified door. You’ll need to sabotage it when you find a panel you can open to get outside.
  2. Walk out and come close to the wall on the left side of the cage, where you can climb up to the roof. Use the zipline, then activate Tactical Vision when you land and you’ll see that Cap can bust through the wall to the right.
  3. On the other side, you’ll find a ladder that you can ignore. Just beyond it is a set of platforming ledges you can use to cross to the other side of the chasm. When you get to the far side, you’ll find a wall you can bust through immediately to your right. Ignore it and head left first.
  4. ARTIFACT: Bust through the left wall (use Vision to find it) and then through another. On the other side, you’ll find a ladder that leads up to Golden Falcon statue in a small cell.
  5. Back the way you came, you’ll break down another wall and find a ramp where you can launch yourself up. At the top, head around the corner and break down another wall, then head left to find more platforming to do. Cross to the far ledge and grab the dossier from where you can climb up, then drop back down on the ledge and shimmy to the left.
  6. Watch for steam vents as you move all the way to the open cell at the end of this ledge. When you get there, crash through another wall. That’ll lead to another ladder. Smash up the crates when you get there to find some intel.
  7. Keep moving and you’ll find another set of ledges to platform around to get to another cell, and then another set just beyond. That leads to another ladder. Climb up and you’ll get spotted by the Nazis. You can zipline to another cell or break down the wall on the left (which is easy to miss), which will lead you to an intel item Enemy Film Canister.
  8. Climb back up and zipline to the next area. Head through the hole in the wall and then jump up to the ledge above. Follow it around until you get to the far side. After another bit of ledge-hopping, you’ll find a chain to ride to the center control room, where you’ll be in for a fight.
  9. Try to link combos and get lots of counter attacks going here. Without your shield, you’re more vulnerable than usual. After the first wave of relatively easy guys, you’ll have a second coming at you from the walkway nearby.
  10. EGG: Check the crate near where you landed for an egg in plain sight.
  11. Leave by the walkway and enter the next room, where you’ll fight a few more guys. Afterward, you’ll be able to contact your team by way of the radio. Ignore it for a second while we look for some loot.
  12. FILM REEL: First, with your back to the door you entered by, turn left and run to the end of the room there to find a reel on the table near the back right corner.
  13. ARTIFACT: Go to the opposite side of the room, on the right, and grab the intel off the table, then bust through the back wall. Drop down the hole you find there to locate the Falcon Cowl and Gloves in a cell.
  14. ACHIEVEMENT: You get a freebie achievement, “Calling the Folks,” when you head back and use the radio.
  15. Head through the door at the back of the room. You’ll find some stairs up just beyond. Decrypt the door and head through for a sort of miniboss fight with a new kind of enemy: the Warden. Deal with him primarily by counterattacks, which will allow you to do some damage. Attacking head-on will get you blocked and smashed with that pneumatic hammer.
  16. Knock the Warden down and you can put him out by locking onto him and finishing him off. After that, you’ll fight some reinforcements before being able to move on. In the next room, watch out for a guy with a rifle; pound everybody and a decryptor will catch Cap’s attention.
  17. ARTIFACT: Before decrypting the door, search this room. Opposite the door you need to use to leave is another section of the room through an archway. Turn left and check the table there for a Prussian Helmet.
  18. Decrypt the door to the labs and move through. As soon as you enter the labs, you’ll reach the end of a hallway and get into a fight. Watch for the guy with the gun — make sure you dodge out of the way of his shots. Clear the room out before advancing.
  19. SCHEMATIC: Move through the room until you’ve got the exit door on your left, and check the table beside it for a schematic.
  20. Head down into the next room, where you’ll find your shield in a machine and a bunch of enemies. Kill the bad guys and sabotage the machine from the panel to get your shield back. Then deal with the enemies who come into the room by the newly opened door.
  21. Head into the room beyond. This room actually wraps around the center section — you can go and deal with all the bad guys, but don’t interact with the thing marked with the star until you get all the collectibles first.
  22. FILM REEL: Head around the back of the room to where the desks are. On the wall opposite the desks is the film reel.
  23. SCHEMATIC: There’s also a schematic here, on one of the desks.
  24. Head back to the star and pick up Cap’s gear from the table in the center area. Head back the way you came, but instead of heading left, go down the short set of stairs right in front of you that leads to a locked door and a decryptor.
  25. ARTIFACT: Decrypting this door is kind of tough, so if you get close to running out of time, just back out and start again. Look for one common character and match it to open the door — it might take a few tries, but just keep at it and something will reveal itself. Inside is the Ceramic Rooster collectible.
  26. Head out of the lab. Back in the cell blocks, you’ll face some more guys and a Warden. You should know how to handle them all by now. Watch for snipers above as you enter the next room. Fight off the enemies and take the stairs up.
  27. ARTIFACT: Clear the upper level and check the desk past the gate for a Cameo Ornament. There’s also some intel in the back corner of this area.
  28. ACHIEVEMENT: Activate the internal radio on the wall, then the decryptor to the left of it. You’ll get the “Beautiful Mind” Achievement for solving 13 Engima pads and open a door below.
  29. There’s also a second Enigma you can decode to the right, which opens another door. Don’t take the door that’s down the ramp just yet (but do kill the bad guys) when you get to the main floor. Instead, take the opposite route, through the doorway with fences on both sides.
  30. SCHEMATIC: Through the first circular room, hang a right into a small side area. To the right of the door you’ll see your schematic.
  31. Backtrack and take the door down the ramp. Use the lever to open the door and proceed through the offices to a second lever. Hold here.
  32. ARTIFACT: Hang a right and go into the seemingly empty room across from the lever. Use Vision and look up — you’ll see ledges you can climb. Keep moving up to the office above, where you’ll snag another Prussian Helmet.
  33. Backtrack and use the lever. Go through the next door and kill the transformers with your shield, then set a bomb on the door to make your way through it.
  34. ACHIEVEMENT: You should get the “Peaches n’ Creme” Achievement for setting your fifth explosive, and the “Existential Dilemma” Achievement as Chapter 7 starts with the door opening.

Chapter 7

  1. Head through the doors and take out the first group of enemies. After the first wave, you’ll fight a second. When all the grunts are down, grab the Intel off the table.
  2. Take the hallway to the right and start checking the cells for Intel. After a moment, you’ll come to a left turn where you can get into a larger center room. Ignore it and keep moving down the hallway, checking cells.
  3. EGG: At the end of the hall, you’ll come to a staircase. Take it up and stick to the catwalk along the wall, checking cells for more Intel. Around the third cell, you’ll find an egg in the back corner.
  4. Keep moving until you find a staircase that goes down and hang a right. This is the left side hallway that you didn’t take when you first entered this room. Follow it to the end, fighting off guys when you have to. You’ll face grunts and a couple of Wardens along the way.
  5. Before long, you’ll see a door on the left that rolls up but has no panel to open it. Use Vision and look above it for a thing you can destroy with the shield. Do so and you can get to a Hydra Briefcase on the other side. After that, keep moving to the end of the hallway, where you’ll hit a gate you can open with a Enigma panel.
  6. EGG: You’ve connected the left hall with the right one. Now it’s time to go into the center section and explore that. Stay on the ground floor, fight off any enemies you have to deal with, and then start checking the cells that ring the inner wall. Beside the metal grate that shows the room with the table you first entered when you started the chapter, you’ll find an egg in a cell.
  7. When you’re done in this section and you hit the wall, head back into the hallway and keep heading in the direction you were going to access additional sections of the room. Keep checking them for Intel, breaking open doors as you can with your shield by using Vision. There’s a lot of Intel to be found here.
  8. Afterward, you can head back up a flight of stairs. For the purposes of this guide, I took the stairs up to the third floor near the cell block section that had the letter B scrawled on it on the ground floor inner section, then bore left. Watch for ledges you can grab to access the cells on the parallel catwalk here. There’s more Intel inside.
  9. Using the parallel catwalk, get across to the next section of walkway, were you should find a few crates to launch yourself. Watch out for an ambush by random grunts. To get across to the far side, you’ll have to hit a piece of metal on the wall with your shield to lower a pole you can swing from.
  10. EGG: After launching yourself across, check the cells on your catwalk and then use the ledge to get to the parallel catwalk on your right. Several of the cells have Intel; the last cell on this catwalk, at the far left end, has an egg.
  11. Yes, there’s still more to search in this room. Head down the stairs after crossing over using the ledges above near where you got the egg back to the other catwalk. Take the stairs down, head right, and take the stairs up again to reach another section of parallel catwalks. Start searching their cells.
  12. Repeat the process. Check cells, cross using the ledge on the wall to the parallel set, check those, and cross back at the far end. Head down the stairs when you get there, turn left, and head to the next upward staircase (for your reference, you should be able to see a star marker with Vision on the second-floor catwalk near the stairs — don’t activate it yet).
  13. This time, grab the ledge and shimmy right. Using Vision, you’ll see that you can climb to the top of the shaft and grab a Hydra briefcase at the top. Hop back down, descend the stairs and go check touch the star marker to advance the level’s story.
  14. After the cutscene, cross the bridge and hit the door transformer box with your shield to open it. Inside, take out the shooters on the ground floor quickly, then climb up and deal with everyone on the top floor. Should be easy.
  15. SCHEMATIC: You’ll see the schematic in the open here, lying on a crate. There’s also Intel on a table.
  16. Find the lever and pull it before heading back down the ladder. The path out is marked by stars, so just keep moving until you find a door out of the cell block.
  17. Follow the hallway until you get to the train tracks. Turn left and you can launch yourself up to the lever you need. Beyond it is a ladder that takes you down to some Intel. Go out the door you just opened when you’re done, where you’ll find a launcher.
  18. ARTIFACT: Use the launcher and start to climb the rock wall. When you get to a ledge that you can shimmy left near what looks like a big square air conditioning unit, jump to the right rather than up. You’ll climb onto the unit and then be able to jump down to a catwalk to find a Virginal Statue.
  19. SCHEMATIC: Return to the wall and keep heading up. Jump across to the flat area and run toward the missile turret, but check near the railing to its right to find the schematic on the ground.
  20. Grab the turret and go to work on the bunkers below. Shoot all the enemies and blast the red barrels beneath the guard towers on the right and left to clear them out. When everything’s dead, let go of the turret and beck up to trigger a star marker.
  21. You need to take out the bridge, so go to the other side of this area and use the radar dish on the bridge. Wait until the whole thing turns red and you get a lock, then pull the trigger button to fire the artillery.
  22. Now you can go through that door behind you. Use the panel and head through the door to end the chapter.
  23. ACHIEVEMENT: The “Real Men Read Ulysses” Achievement is unlocked for clearing Chapter 7.

Chapter 8

  1. AA Gun: As you head through the door, grab the Intel to your right and then bear left. Keep moving until you see an archway ahead and a ladder to your right. Climb it to find an AA gun you can destroy — there’s a panel you can open on the wall opposite it, where you’ll need to do sabotage.
  2. Head through the door at the bottom of the ladder and proceed down the ramp. You’ll find a door that leads to the labs. Go forward into the alcove as you first enter for some Intel, then take the hallway left.
  3. The first room you enter has dead Hydra soldiers and a bunch of Intel on the tables. If you use vision right when you enter, you should see a ledge you can grab hold of, where you can climb up to get an Intel film canister.
  4. Keep moving through the room and around the corner, where you’ll get a cutscene and fight a weird enemy that seems to have psychic powers. Don’t throw your shield or you’ll lose it. Instead, wait for it to take shots at you and either try to reflect them or dodge them. When the psyonic guy loses his shield momentarily, you can get in close and start a combo. Get ready to hammer away at a button to avoid one of his attacks and you’ll put him down permanent-like.
  5. Take the stairs and follow the walkway around until you find Hydra men fighting more psyonic soldiers. Wait for the Hydra guys to go down, then get in close on the psyonic guys, which are called Screamers. Dodge their attacks until you can get in close and pummel them.
  6. SCHEMATIC: There’s a schematic on the table to the right when you first enter this room. There’s also some Intel in the back left corner.
  7. FILM REEL: Leave this room and hang a right. You’ll find some objects you can use with platforming to cross the gap, which will get you into a small room with the reel on the table.
  8. You can head back and take the left path, which leads back to the main labs (through a previously locked door), but eventually you’ll need to head straight forward. Decode the door at the top of the ramp and head through. You can go down the ramps here to look for some Intel behind crates, but eventually you’ll have to go to the star indicator to get to Dugan.
  9. When you cross over to Dugan, fight off the Screamer and then watch the cutscene. When it’s over, you’ll fave a handful more Screamers — two to three at a time. Keep dodging and reflecting as much as you can, but above all avoid fire, as they’ll pummel you if you’re not careful.
  10. Check around for Intel. Dugan departed to the left if you’re facing the table he was strapped to, so head to the right and you’ll find a walkway with Intel on it, down a flight of stairs. You can also access the control room by a flight of stairs to the left of his table, around the corner to the right, with more Intel inside.
  11. Head toward the elevator with Dugan and you’ll trigger an attack by a bunch of Hydra guys, including a Warden. Fortunately, there are explosives everywhere, plus a bunch of little Hydra guys who are dumb enough to walk in front of the shots of the big ones. Trigger some explosions to knock the big guys down and then use your Lock On to finish them while they’re down. It’s pretty easy.
  12. ACHIEVEMENT: Hit the button on the freight elevator when you’re done (after grabbing the Intel scattered around this room — a briefcase and some dossiers). When you do, you’ll finish the chapter and get the “Down in the Lab” Achievement.

Chapter 9

  1. After the cutscene, you’ll have to fight off a few Hydra soldiers. They’ll go down easily, and another scene will ensue. After that, you can move freely.
  2. SCHEMATIC: First up, turn opposite the courtyard and railing ahead of you and look back for the elevator you just rode up from the lab. Cross over top of it and veer right to find a schematic on some crates.
  3. Artifact: Head down the right side stairs near the statue where you started. At the bottom, hang a right and go to the edge of the courtyard closest to the top area you just left. Beside a statue you’ll find some Falcon gloves and cowl.
  4. EGG: Go to the opposite side of the courtyard on this end, near the other staircase you could have come down, and check the back of the area beside another statue. There’s an egg on the ground to the right.
  5. ARTIFACT: There’s also a Gold Falcon Statue here.
  6. You can cross the lower section now to the doors on the far side, up the stairs. When you arrive, you’ll fight a pair of Wardens, and beating them opens the doors forward. Ignore them for now, though, and take the path to the right when you’re facing the door.
  7. ARTIFACT: This takes you down into another garden, filled with bad guys and things you can blow up. The statues here are also all destructible and go toward a count of 50. In the center of the garden, you’ll find a Virginal Statue.
  8. ARTIFACT: The same is true if you take the left path; you’ll find another garden and more guys to fight. Look for a Falcon Cowl and Gloves in this one.
  9. EGG: There’s also an Egg in center of the garden.
  10. EGG: If you got to the back of the garden (the top on the map), you’ll find an egg near a large propane tank on the left side of the area.
  11. Now you can head back to the front door of the estate to end the chapter.
  12. ACHIEVEMENT: You get the “Touchdown” Achievement for wrapping up Chapter 9.

Chapter 10

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