Car Tune is a spiritual successor to Street Legal Racing: Redline

By FileTrekker 4 years ago, last updated 4 years ago

There's no doubt that Street Legal Racing: Redline has something of a cult following among driving game enthusiasts, with it's unique approach to car customization and the consequences of vehicle damage - if you damaged your car, you had to pay to get it repaired, replacing each damaged part. It forced you to take street racing very seriously.

Now one such fan, known as Wichu, is looking to develop a spiritual successor to the now 16 year old game, which will once again place heavy focus on car customization and tuning. Wichu was previously a big name on the modding scene for Street Legal Racing: Redline, being one of the key people behind a patch that enabled modders to create custom maps for the game.

Project Car Tune its a racing game that sets you on building & tuning your vehicles for entry-level motorsports & street racing. It's an ambitious project that welcomes all lovers of the automotive tuning scene and avid fans of racing.

Wichu is currently the sole developer of the game, and is looking for backing of the project on Patreon in order that he can devote more time to be able to finish the project.

He's also looking for the community to bring their help and ideas to the project,  and you can get involved and back the project over on it's official Patreon page.


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Naik Joy

4 years ago

Great! Thank you for supporting the guy. He's been hard at work for ages experimenting and so on..now its time for the next step