Castlevania: Lords of Shadow Walkthrough

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Posted on October 1, 2010, Ben Richardson Castlevania: Lords of Shadow Walkthrough

When it comes to storied game franchises, its hard to do better than Castlevania. Dating back to 1986, the series debuted on a number of now-forgotten pieces of gaming hardware before making its debut for NES in 1987, a debut which won it worldwide acclaim. Through more than 20 different sequels and adaptations, the basic elements have been the same, focusing on the theatrical trappings of Western gothic horror: werewolves, vampires, and ghosts. Castlevania: Lords of Shadow is a big-budget franchise reboot, bringing the series to life in sparkling clarity on both modern consoles and staging the action in a robust three-dimensional world.

Gameplay will consist of combat, platforming, and some light puzzle solving, and span nearly 50 levels Protagonist Gabriel Belmont is outfitted with a retractable whip/grapple-like device called the Combat Cross, which can also be used for platforming. The game is published by Konami (it even includes the code!) and developed Kojima Productions, a studio owned by the Metal Gear Solid visionary Hideo Kojima. Previous Castlevania titles and previous Kojima productions have been notable for their extreme difficulty, so we’re providing a complete walkthrough for the game.

Table of Contents

The Walkthrough

Chapter 1

Besieged Village

  1. The game starts after a short cinematic and you’ll be walked through the basics. Keep hacking away at werewolves as they appear with combinations of X and Y attacks.
  2. Follow the instructions to learn to use the health font and buy new skills from the menu.
  3. Once you’ve got the basics down, another cinematic will kick in and the villagers will run away, as opposed to standing nearby and being useless.
  4. To fight the Great Warg, you’ll spend some time getting acquainted with dodging, which you can execute by pressing a direction on the Left Analog Stick and pressing LT. Use it to dodge the unblockable attack when the big werewolf’s mouth glows.
  5. You can block during this fight with LT as well, which helps. If you get into trouble, dodge back over to the health font and recharge.
  6. The rest of the fight is you hacking away at the monster. Get acquainted with your abilities while you do so. Before long, you’ll diminish the Warg’s health and trigger another cutscene. Finish it by pressing RT when prompted. You’ll see the Warg’s eyes flash, which means it’s going to leap at you.
  7. That wraps up level one. You’ll get to see your stats afterward. Hit A to advance to the next level.
  8. TRIAL: After the fight, you can replay the level again to defeat its Trial. Completing all the trials unlocks an Achievement or Trophy. The trial isn’t hard, especially after you just beat the level — finish it in exactly the same way, hacking away at the Lycanthropes and Greater Warg when it shows up. Kill the boss with speed, and make sure you pick up that sharp log at the end before the Warg jumps, or you’ll have to fight it again to get another chance. Keep at least one villager alive and you’ll complete the trial.

Hunting Path

  1. You start this mission on horseback, and pursued by lesser Lychanthropes riding Wargs. The riding part is pretty simple — you don’t have to do much but hang on.
  2. You do have to fight off the enemies, however. Your area attack affects the riders, while your line attack affects the Wargs. First, knock off the riders.
  3. After you’ve killed the riders, you can damage the Wargs enough to jump over to them. Hit them a few times and you’ll be prompted to hop over and massacre the mount.
  4. The trick to beating these guys is to alternate your attacks. Try to quickly kill the riders, while knocking the Wargs off-balance with attacks. The faster you can drop them, the better.
  5. Be careful of the enemies trying to knock you off your horse. You can dodge their attacks by holding the block button and pushing left or right, but this is tough. If you do get hit, wait for the two circles to line up to prompt you to hit any button to right yourself.
  6. Kill the Wargs, or fall off your horse, and you’ll find yourself in an arena area. You have to defend yourself against some Lycanthropes for a few seconds.
  7. LIFE GEM: Before doing anything, run down into the foreground and look for a glowing body on the left side. Interact with it and you’ll take a Life Gem, the level’s only hidden collectible, off it.
  8. Now back to fighting. Hack through the Lycanthropes with area attacks to keep them off you. Kill them all and your horse will return to you, taking you back into the mounted fight.
  9. You have to fight off two more Warg riders to advance. Do it the same way you did before — kill the riders, damage the Wargs, jump on and stab them to death. Shouldn’t take too long.
  10. Killing those two Wargs, or getting knocked off your horse, puts you in a second arena fight. This one’s a lot tougher because one of the Wargs joins in.
  11. Play keep-away while you kill the Lycanthropes. Heal at the font if you need to, and just keep hacking away at the enemies. The Warg is your big concern. Try to stay on your toes and dodge a lot to keep clear of its attacks and the attacks of the little guys as well.
  12. Once you’ve cleared the ground of little guys, you can lean into the Warg properly. Fight it the same way you fought the boss in the Besieged Village — mangle it with your attacks and dodge clear of its glowing-mouth lunge.
  13. The Warg will fall to a ton of damage on your part. Just keep pummeling it and stay out of its way. There aren’t many other points to the strategy, unfortunately. Quick timing will keep you clear of its attacks and alive, but not much else. Try to position yourself so you’re at the bottom of the screen, with the Warg on top. It’s easier that way.
  14. A cutscene after defeating the Warg takes you to the end of the level.
  15. TRIAL: This mission’s trial has you playing it without healing at either the Health Font or by picking up the Life Gem in the first arena fight. It’s doable if you’re careful and kill the Warg Riders quickly. Make sure you find health before starting the Trial, however, because coming into it mostly dead is a great way to fail.

The Dead Bog

  1. Right at the start of this level, you have collectibles to snag.
  2. LIFE GEM: Check the first body on the left to get your next Life Gem.
  3. SCROLL: The body in the middle of the area, lying on his back, contains a Brotherhood Scroll. Read it to find out a bit about the level ahead.
  4. Now turn left and jump onto the platform there. You’ll get a quick tutorial about climbing on ledges. Swing around to the next area and drop down for a cutscene.
  5. When you get control back, you’ll have to fight off a group of Goblins. Start by running up to that grenade when prompted and throwing it back in their faces.
  6. Goblins aren’t too difficult. Fight them with your normal strategy and it shouldn’t be long before you hit another cutscene.
  7. You’ll have to wade through the mire to move on. Stick to the darker water or you’ll take damage from poisonous gas. When you see ripples and bubbles, you know there are enemies called Naiads below the surface that’ll grab you and attack you. You can escape them with the same circle-convergence prompt you dealt with while fighting on horseback.
  8. TIP: Try to jump from dry ground as far into the mire as you can to avoid having to walk in it. this can often get you past the Naiads, which reveal themselves with bubbles, but actually attack when the ripples appear.
  9. Cross to the first dry island you see. Ahead you’ll see a pair of paths — one to the right with a staircase going up, and one to the left with a Health Font. We’re going left.
  10. Go up the stairs on the left side, left of the font, and you’ll reach another Goblin encampment. Dispatch them.
  11. You should see two paths again — one far to the right, the other far to the left. Go to the right path and hop over the rock in the way. You’ll have to cross the bog to another island.
  12. LIFE GEM: When you hit this island (where the path again splits), check the body there for another Life Gem. That’s your second of four.
  13. Now, move off the island going to the right. The camera should swing overhead, showing you the path to the right, and another going up. Dodge the first set of Naiads using timing — the second you can walk around.
  14. Okay, another set of boggy grossness to cross. This time, the path through the bog arcs toward the top of the screen, or down toward the bottom. Take the top path.
  15. Stop when you see Naiad bubbles. Wait for the first set to disappear, then move on quickly over the second set when the coast is clear and you should avoid all damage. Climb up on the land on the far side and progress through.
  16. The path cuts up into the background, or down into the foreground. Come down, toward the screen, and follow the path down until you reach another Goblin camp. Here, you can jump up onto a ledge and continue downscreen into the foreground, but don’t do that.
  17. LIFE GEM: Instead, carefully go to the bottom right of the screen, into the foreground near some scraggly trees, and bear right. You should get the camera to follow you through a small tunnel and into another section, where you’ll find a body and a Life Gem. Be careful of the Goblin ambush this triggers.
  18. Kill the Goblins and fall back to the spot where the path continued into the foreground, which we just skipped over. If you follow that all the way (it cuts to the right side of the screen and you’ll have to jump up some), you’ll wind up back at that fork with the stairs to the right and the health font to the left. We’re back at the beginning.
  19. Cross the bog onto the central island and then back toward the health font. Go past it into the Goblin camp, and instead of taking the right path (which we used to go find the Life Gems), take the left path through the camp. Cross the bog to the next area.
  20. Climb up the ledge past the health font and follow the path down toward the mire again. When you hit swamp, you’ll see a path to the right and another forward. Ignore the right path and go upscreen.
  21. Crossing this section, you’ll see a health font ahead on the left that you can get to if you need a recharge. Then follow through the swamp to the right.
  22. SCROLL: Look on the right of these two platforms, which are very near each other, for a third that has a body on it. Get there and grab the scroll off it.
  23. Cross the swamp ahead and you’ll come to a big drop. Don’t jump down here until you’re sure this is what you want — you can’t come back from it and the only way to get to the earlier sections of the level is to replay it.
  24. You’ll enter a big goblin camp when you hit the ground. The game will prompt you to grab the Goblins to knock their grenades loose. Do that by hitting a button when the circles prompts line up and the grenade will hit the ground. Then run up and grab it, and Gabriel will chuck it at a nearby tree.
  25. Two grenades uproots the tree and knocks it over. You can then cross it to an island in the swamp to progress forward.
  26. SCROLL: From this island, go through the mire to the left to find a second one with a knight’s body on it and a scroll.
  27. Keep moving up through the swamp. You’ll have to dodge a few Naiad patches, but just wait for the coast to clear and you’ll find the timing is easy. On the far side, take the stairs up and around the cliff face. Ahead, you’ll hit a Goblin camp with more enemies to vanquish.
  28. There are two paths — a staircase up, which leads to a boss fight, and another path through the woods forward, that gets you to a healing font. Go that way first to prepare for the boss. You’ll find some Goblins to fight in front of the font. Heal and then return to the stairs.
  29. Go up to the mausoleum. Bypass the front door and you’ll find a place to climb up along the side. Get inside and you’ll trigger a cutscene when you reach the center of the room. Follow the Hook tutorial to learn how to get back outside.

Boss Fight: Swamp Troll

  1. This guy seems tough, but careful dodging will help you win the day fairly easily. Pay attention to the Swamp Troll’s timing and keep clear of its shockwave attack and you’ll have little difficulty.
  2. The Troll starts by snagging a piece of monument to attack you with. This makes little difference to its ability — stay clear of that piece of rock with the dodge move and keep attacking whenever you can. When the Troll hits the ground to send a shockwave, jump toward it to avoid the wave altogether.
  3. Stay out of the air unless you’re avoiding the shockwave. The troll’s attacks are all based on brute force, and it actually is kind of slow and cumbersome. When its eyes go red and it charges, dodge out of the way. If it tries to hit you with its arms, dodge them.
  4. Once you realize that the limit of the Troll’s ability is to swing away at you and that you can dodge every one of its attacks easily, it becomes much less of a threat. Keep hammering away at it until it starts to blink, then execute the killing blow when prompted. Hit your buttons when the circle prompts light up and this big guy goes down without an issue.
  5. With the troll squashed, go to the glowing blue box and get your last scroll. Then head upscreen to the big tree and use the Hook to get out of the graveyard.
  6. Outside, run around the outside of the mausoleum all the way to the left to find a health font to help you. Then step down the stairs leading downscreen to find a big destroyed bridge.
  7. Jump to the next platform and the game will prompt you to climb on the ledge. Do it, drop down and climb around the corner, then use the hook to rappel down. At the bottom, jump across to the other platform and climb up the rocks there.
  8. LIFE GEM: Step close to the pillar (this is the second one you’ve come across) and you’ll see a spot to shoot the hook. Do so and climb up the ledge. Grab the ledge and keep climbing up to the top of the pillar. When you get there, turn left and drop down to the platform below on the first pillar — it has a body and your final Life Gem.
  9. Repeat what you just did and climb back up to the top of the second pillar. This time, turn back to the right and you can use that same Hook Point to swing across to the platform on the third pillar.
  10. Jump down to the next two platforms, then use the Hook to swing across to the last one and climb up. At the top, just run through the doors to end the mission.
  11. TRIAL: For this one, you have to finish the mission after having slain 50 Goblins. There aren’t quite enough Goblins stretched throughout the level — however, if you stop by that Goblin camp with the tree you have to knock down, you can keep fighting as long as you want. The Goblins there will continually respawn until the tree is knocked down. Just keep hacking away until you hit the mark, then go fight the Swamp Troll up ahead.

Pan’s Temple

  1. No branching paths just yet. Instead, go forward up to that glowing shield-looking thing on the left. Examine it and you’ll light one of five spaces on the amulet, which sits on the screen.
  2. Keep running down the path and you’ll hit another rune thing on the right side of the screen. Grab that one too.
  3. SCROLL: Further upscreen from the second rune, look for a big downed log and a body propped up against it on the far side. You’ll have to jump over it to get to the body and the scroll it holds.
  4. From the scroll body, run straight to the right, directly into what looks like the wall of the area. The camera will suddenly pivot on you — revealing a pathway forward and another rune.
  5. LIFE GEM: Just beyond the rune, through the gap in the trees, you’ll find the body that contains the Life Gem mentioned in the scroll.
  6. Backtrack out of this little hole and head upscreen, along the trench path. Grab the next rune on the right side right before you enter a big pond/clearing.
  7. SCROLL: Your last scroll of the stage is at the far end of the pond, right before you re-enter the woods. The body is on the left side of the hole, sitting down, basically right in your path.
  8. Move through to the next clearing. Ignore the blue box to the left — you can’t get to it, as the game will tell you — and get the last shield for your amulet on the right. Then move up to the blinking shield beside the green-sheathed door.
  9. BROTHERHOOD ARK: That blue box up there is an Ark that gives you a weapons upgrade. This one contains a Holy Water upgrade (which you’ll get later), and you need the Seraph Shoulders to get to it (which you’ll receive much later).
  10. Touching this last shield opens up the combination to open the green door. It’s basically a key-code: you want the left-to-right set of runes to match your top-to-bottom set of runes. Swap the rune in each position until the order matches the one on your amulet and the door will open. Head through.
  11. Climb to the top of the temple to trigger a cutscene. You’ll then have to solve a puzzle by rotating three rings to make a path to the center. The solution follows, so don’t read it if you want to figure it out yourself.
  12. Rotate the outer ring clockwise twice; then go to the innermost ring, and rotate that clockwise twice; then go to the middle ring and rotate it clockwise once. Your reward is 200 experience points and the cutscene to end the mission.
  13. TRIAL: Beating Pan’s puzzle in five moves is this level’s trial, and it uses the solution I just gave up at No. 11.

Oblivion Lake

  1. Starting out, you’ll head down another linear path. Stop when you hit the edge of the frozen lake, near a big angel statue.
  2. LIFE GEM: There’s a body right there on this dock, next to the statue. Check it for the gem.
  3. Run out into the lake to start a massive battle with an Ice Titan. It’s a huge statue creature that comes roaring out of the lake to take you on. Close the gap between it and you.
  4. Watch out for attacks as you approach. First, the Ice Titan will zip a line of ice at you across the lake bed, which you can easily dodge. Then, as you approach, it will touch the lake and a rune will appear beneath Gabriel. Dodge when that happens as well, or spiky icy death will be your reward.
  5. Okay, you’re standing in front of the Colossus, er, Titan, now. Watch for it to wind up and punch the ice. You want to be nearby where its fist lands, but jump into the air to avoid getting hit and the subsequent shockwave.
  6. When the fist gets stuck, use the Hook Tip to grapple and climb on the Titan’s wrist. You’ll be prompted to hang on when it starts to shake you. Then, shimmy around the outside, looking for a path to climb up.
  7. Soon you won’t be able to climb the wrist any higher. Shimmy around the outside and you’ll find a purple circle. Start stabbing it when prompted.
  8. Destroy this rune and you’ll end up on top of the arm. The game will prompt you to dodge — do so quickly — and then grapple onto the other arm, then onto the chest.
  9. From here, shimmy to the left and start stabbing the other rune. Watch for the camera to pan so you can see the left arm coming up to snag you, and immediately do your little ledge jump down to the right to avoid being scooped up and tossed.
  10. Destroy the chest rune. If you fall, you’ll have to climb back up without the benefit of prompts. When this rune goes, you can swing up over the face and onto the back of the Titan.
  11. You have to climb down and get to the center of the back to attack this next rune. Follow the rules you’ve observed to now, making sure to jump sideways to dodge the hand that comes to clear you off.
  12. Kill the back rune and you can climb the rest of the way up to the head. You need to skip around to the side to the last rune. Be aware that there’s one last attempt by the hand to kill you here.
  13. Stab the head until you get a cutscene to end the mission.
  14. TRIAL: Your goal is to beat the Ice Titan in 90 seconds, which is not exactly easy and might be better attempted with upgraded equipment. Having beaten it, you know the drill — the key is to be fast, know the path, and not screw up anything. Start over if you get knocked off, as you have no chance of clearing it anyway.
  15. ACHIEVEMENT: The “Chapter I” Achievement is unlocked for getting this far.

Chapter 2

Enchanted Forest

  1. Head forward and you’ll find a ledge where you can drop down. Drop off the ledge and you’ll land in a small nook. Climb down from there and you’ll find a hook point from which you can repel.
  2. Get down to the bottom by catching a second hook point and swinging over. You can walk further downscreen from there.
  3. SCROLL: Look for a body on the left side of the area immediately after you finish rappelling downward.
  4. BROTHERHOOD ARK: Come back to this when you have Shadow Magic. After the scroll, hop across to the far river bank, then drop down into the river below. Walk behind the waterfall and you’ll enter a cave. Follow it back to where there’s a rune on the wall. Turn on Shadow Magic and touch the rune to open the door to the Ark, which contains a dagger upgrade.
  5. Follow the riverbank to the right. You’ll encounter a Lesser Lycanthrope on the way and start to learn about Light Magic. Follow the tutorial to recover some health, and keep following the cliffs until you get the Neutral Magic Font.
  6. Head left from here and you’ll encounter a bunch of lesser werewolves. Switch on Light Magic to get back any health you need, then replenish your supply at the altar behind you if you need to.
  7. Push forward to what looks like waterfall, with two paths splitting left and right. Head down to the right, where you’ll drop down into a stream. There you’ll deal with some Goblins.
  8. LIGHT GEM: Push upscreen along the stream and you’ll come to a body in the water that contains a Light Gem. Collecting five of these will increase the amount of Light Magic you can handle.
  9. Double-back to the waterfall and take the left path. You’ll drop down into a stream again, and again you’ll fight a bunch of Goblins. When you’re clear of them, continue around the corner. You’ll see a hook point up in the air that you can latch onto to climb up.
  10. Shimmy around the ledges until you can climb up to the top of the area. You’ll get up to an edge on the wall, which you can follow through to another area upscreen.
  11. SCROLL: See the body propped against the low wall ahead? Check it to get your second scroll for the level.
  12. Move forward from this spot and you’ll see a wall you can climb up. Break through the weak, round portion, and you’ll enter an interior building.
  13. SCROLL: Check the body in the middle of the floor for the Focus Scroll, which opens up new attack abilities for you. You’ll get a quick tutorial on how they work in a moment.
  14. You’ll also get to fight a Warg. You should be pretty well-versed in how this works, so apply the necessary dodging and attacking strategies to get past its melee attacks.
  15. When the Warg goes down, you’ll see a door you have to blow through, and a group of Goblins will attack you. Keep an eye out for their grenades on the ground, or grab a Goblin and beat a grenade out of him — either way, when you pick one up, you’ll heave it at the door. It takes two to blow it open.
  16. Finish the Goblins when the door is open and you can leave. Go out the door and after a moment, Lycanthropes will attack you. Dispatch them quickly.
  17. SCROLL: There’s a tree in the center of this courtyard, dividing the area into two paths. Go around the tree to the right and you’ll hit a body and your last scroll of the mission.
  18. Go back around the tree on the left and you’ll see a ruined tower that has ledges you can climb. Get high enough and you’ll spot a hook point. Use that to climb to the upper ledge.
  19. Now shimmy around the side and use the hook point to swing across the gap to the cliff beyond. Turn around and swing again, this time jumping so that you land inside the big open stump. That ends the mission.
  20. TRIAL: When you replay this level, your job is to kill 30 Goblins with their own grenades. You can do this when you fight the Goblins in the streams near the waterfall fountain, but the best place is after you get to the spot with the Focus Scroll. There, the Goblins respawn indefinitely and use lots of grenades. Be careful not to throw the grenades at the destructible wall, however, because two explosions will destroy it and cut off the never-ending Goblin flow.

Underground Caves

  1. Step forward into the cave and follow the tunnel until you come to a ledge where you can drop. Shimmy left and climb up, then continue around the corner and jump across the water.
  2. Now it’s time to fight a Giant Spider. This enemy fights much the same way as the Wargs you’ve dealt with, using short-range melee attacks and lunges. You should be able to dodge these easily enough.
  3. Watch out for two longer-range attacks from the spider though. In one, she chucks hunks of web your way, which travel in a straight line and are fairly easy to dodge. The second is a bodily jump in which the spider is the projectile. Again, watch for indicators that the spider is doing the move, then roll clear.
  4. Kill the monster and leave the room. You’ll have to climb up to a hook point, and in the next room, use one to rappel down to the ground floor. When you arrive, Lycanthropes and a Giant Spider execute an ambush on you. You should already know how to defeat them.
  5. SCROLL: Once the coast is clear, go all the way to the right and to the back of the room and you’ll see an exit you can reach by jumping up some rocks. On the other side, use the hook point to climb down to a hangable ledge, and use it to climb over to another ledge you can walk on to the right. From there, jump across to the other platform and walk carefully across the web bridge to the body and the scroll there.
  6. Backtrack across the web bridge and into the room where you just fought the second giant spider. Go through the left door and hop up onto the ledge to the right. You can use that to climb around the corner and jump to another ledge on the other side of the gap.
  7. LIFE GEM: Enter then exit the room and you’ll see a blinking Totem pole. You can’t deal with it now — you need a weapon upgrade, the Spiked Chain, in order to destroy it. When you come back, you’ll find a Life Gem hidden there.
  8. First, go left from the Totem. You’ll enter a wide-open area with a destructible wall, and will be ambushed by Goblins. Beat them and use their grenades to blast down the wall.
  9. On the other side, check the body you find there for a Runic Stone Key. It’s the first of two that you need. Then backtrack to the Totem.
  10. Take the path to the right of the Totem. You’ll cross a web bridge in this room, and then another one back in the other direction. On this big platform, a Giant Spider attacks you. Dispatch it.
  11. Look for a place to climb up on the wall in the back right section of this platform, upscreen from you. Climb the rocks to find a ledge, and use it to shimmy around get onto the walking ledge on the far side of the area. Now follow that to the door to leave this section.
  12. Swing across the gap and you’ll find yourself on a ledge with a body. Check it to find the other Runic Stone Key. Now jump off that ledge down to the floor below, but ignore the two blinking locks. You have the keys for them, but there are a couple of scrolls to collect yet.
  13. Head downscreen to the left and you’ll see a web bridge. Cross it to a big platform. There’s another bridge downscreen from you, but ignore it for a second.
  14. SCROLL: Instead, jump to the right to a second rocky platform, then go upscreen toward another web bridge. Cross it and you’ll find some rocks you can climb to reach another exit. Through there is the body with the scroll.
  15. Don’t use the hook point right next to you — there’s still a scroll we can go get. Instead, backtrack to the last room, cross the spiderweb bridge and jump to the first rock platform. Then go downscreen across another bridge and exit the room.
  16. SCROLL: Continue to follow the path downscreen. You should cross lots of rocks and a couple of web bridges, and, before long, stumble across the last body in plain sight. Grab the final scroll off it. Once you have it, you can either continue on the downscreen path to a Health Font (this path leads to the destructible wall where you got the first Runic Key), or backtrack the way you came.
  17. Either way, head back to the room with the blinking locks for the Runic Stone Keys. Put the keys in the locks to open the door, and go through to get the Spike Chain upgrade.
  18. Remember the Totem room? Time to backtrack to it and get a gem. You can get there quickly by heading back through the Runic Key door and heading downscreen, past where you got the final scroll.
  19. LIGHT GEM: Return to the Totem room and use the Spike Chain to saw through it. Follow the path beyond and you’ll hit a ledge with a body on it, which has the Light Gem.
  20. From the Totem room, take the left path back to the altar where you found the Spike Chain. You can take the right path, but you’ll end up fighting a Giant Spider along the way.
  21. Go around the back of the altar and follow the path. You’ll find a Totem there that you need to cut through to advance. With that down, you can push through down the path, then use a hook point to get out of the mission.
  22. TRIAL: Here you have to finish the level after defeating 10 enemies, while suffering from spider poison. That means you have to get poisoned, then do some fighting, which isn’t easy. There’s one room to do this in — the second fight with a Giant Spider, when Lycanthropes join the fray. Step one is getting poisoned: to do that, let the spider hit you with its web. You’ll freeze in place, and the spider should saunter up and poison you while you’re stuck, so don’t fight your way out of the webbing. Once poisoned, kill the Lycans as fast as you can. Use Light Magic to counteract the poison when you’re done, then wrap up the mission as usual.

Labyrinth Entrance

  1. Leave the tunnel as you start this mission, and drop down into the open courtyard below. You can’t do anything here but go to the far end and check the glowing door — doing so triggers an ambush, so be ready.
  2. As soon as you’ve been over to the door, a bunch of Goblins appear, including one that’s riding a huge Warthog. You need to pummel that Warthog to kill its rider and stun it, allowing you to climb aboard.
  3. Keep moving and dodging to stay clear of the Warthog, which will repeatedly attempt to gore you and hurt you pretty badly. In the meantime, hack away at it. Knock back the other Goblins too, and remember to use Light Magic if you get into health trouble.
  4. Eventually, you’ll hurt the Warthog enough that it’ll blink white. Run over and follow the prompts to mount it. Now you can ride around the courtyard, squashing any Goblins that get in your way.
  5. Kill all the Goblins and crash the Warthog into the door a couple times to open it. Dismount (and kill the Warthog) by following the prompts and head through the door.
  6. SCROLL: Stop as you go through the door and round the corner to the right. If you’re careful, the camera will show you a body with a scroll here, obscured by the statue that stands beside the door you just came through. Snag it.
  7. Now go to the wall ahead on the left and climb to the top. It’s the only way through this area. At the top of the wall, start walking on the wooden beams on the left to the other side.
  8. SCROLL: You’ll see a body propped against the wall on the far side of the wood beams you have to cross.
  9. LIGHT GEM: Backtrack a little. Go to the other side of the bridge made of three wooden planks, so that you’re on the rocky platform before the body with the skull. Now walk to the right of the three-plank bridge and walk forward beside it, as if you were going to walk parallel to the bridge. You’ll find a hidden ramp that leads to a room down below where the scroll body was, with a body holding a Light Gem.
  10. Now go to the stone outcropping beside the scroll body that pushes off to the left. The camera will change, allowing you to see the ledge on the tower that you can jump to. Climb around to the far side, over the wooden beam that bridges the gap to the far wall.
  11. Climb down when you find the ledge, use the hook point to rappel back, and jump to the lower ledge. Follow the path around until you drop into a courtyard with a rotating mechanism in the center.
  12. When you start to turn that thing, lesser Lycanthropes will attack you. Stop what you’re doing and clear them out, then return to the spinning thing and start rotating it again. You’ll fight a few groups of these guys before you can actually set about turning the thing. It opens the portcullis ahead — when you’ve turned it far enough, it’ll lock into place.
  13. In the next section, you’ll get a short cutscene that shows monsters doing stuff far above Gabriel. When you get control back, move into the courtyard, past the sphinx statues. Look for a healing font on the left.
  14. SCROLL: Along the right side of this courtyard, keep your eyes out for a soldier slumped against one of the statues. He has the last scroll of the mission.
  15. Follow the path into the structure beyond. When the camera switches, you can go upscreen, away from the camera, or downscreen. Going down brings you to a bag of daggers.
  16. BROTHERHOOD ARK: Look carefully along the right side wall for a darker section of stone. If you attack the statues, you’ll probably hit it — the game prompts you by telling you it’s a weak section of wall you can’t break through yet. Note it for later. Come back when you have the Cyclone Boots and do the Shadow Magic dash move to get through the wall. Open the Ark to get a fairy upgrade.
  17. Turn back and head upscreen. Jump the big gap you find and go outside into the last courtyard. There you’ll start fighting a bunch of Goblins.
  18. Tear through the Goblins to keep get yourself healed with Light Magic. After you kill a certain number, there will be a short cutscene and you’ll see your true enemy, a Greater Lycanthrope, whip a ready-to-explode Goblin your way. As soon as the cutscene ends, dodge away from it.
  19. The Greater Lycanthrope is a weaker version of the Swamp Troll you faced at the Mausoleum. Avoid its melee attacks and be careful of its ground-pounding shockwave move. Without too much trouble, you should be able to just smack it around until it dies.
  20. Grab the blinking horn thing off the ground when the fight is over, and walk it over to the blinking bull’s head statue. Take it to the right side of the statue and you can plug the horn into it. Now rotate the whole thing until a cutscene is triggered, and the mission ends.
  21. TRIAL: This one’s easy — kill five Warthogs, then finish the level. In order to bring five Warthogs into the game to fight you, you have to keep massacring them at the very beginning of the level. Beat up on the first Warthog you see, mount it, then kill it, without using it to break down the door. Repeat the process until you get to the fifth one, and use it to open the way forward before killing it. Bam, trial finished; complete the level and you’re done.

Waterfalls of Agharta

  1. SCROLL: You’ll see this body immediately to the left of you when you start.
  2. Go around the corner through the doorway. Jump down to the arena-like platform and you’ll face a Giant Spider. You know how to beat this thing, so repeat those steps here. When you stun it, you’ll be able to mount it like a Warthog.
  3. Use the spider’s web on the glowing tree on the right side of the arena to pull it down, allowing you to swing across.
  4. LIGHT GEM: Kill the spider and it drops a gem for you. That’s handy.
  5. Swing across at the tree and follow the landscape all the way around the edge of the cliff. You’ll have to do some climbing and swing at one point, after which you’ll be attacked by another Greater Lycanthrope.
  6. Solid blocking during this fight is key because of the close quarters. The Lycanthrope will chew you up if you allow it to use its speed to get around you and mangle you. Try to keep your guard up and get counter attacks to its slashes whenever possible, and you should do okay. Keep using magic to heal up if you need to.
  7. Climb up the ledges to the left of where you fought the big werewolf, and then swing off to the left. Keep following the cliff until you can walk through a short tunnel to the area beyond.
  8. A group of Lycanthropes, including a big Greater one, are waiting on the other side of the tunnel. Dispatch the little ones quickly while playing keep-away with the big one. If he gives you trouble, hit him with a series of daggers to take him out quickly.
  9. SCROLL: Check immediately to the left of the tunnel where you just came through to find the body with this scroll. Get it after finishing the fight.
  10. Follow the cliffside around until you hit the statue head set in the wall. Pull it down with your whip to make a path, then climb down and get to the arena in the center of the area.
  11. Time for a boss fight. When you hit the center area, after a cutscene, you’ll find yourself in the grip of a Cave Troll. Follow the prompt to get free of its grip.
  12. This fight can get distracting. There’s the big troll, which is a tough fighter and moves and acts like the Swamp Troll from the Mausoleum fight. There are also a bunch of little trolls, which will harass you during the battle.
  13. Your focus needs to be on the Cave Troll. Beating him is your ultimate goal. You can slap down the little trolls for a little magic boost, which will keep you alive, but make sure you’re dodging the Cave Troll’s attacks and watching for its shockwave move. Always keep hammering away at it.
  14. Your doing this because you need to wear down the Cave Troll so you can mount it like you did the other big monsters in this and the last level. You’ll need to be quick on your feet, but the Cave Troll is mostly big and lumbering and if work on your situational awareness, you’ll be able to avoid him.
  15. When you’ve worn him down, use the hook tip to get on-board, following the prompts.
  16. Slap around the baby trolls with your mount, then get over to that big blinking rock and destroy it with the Cave Troll’s melee attacks. When you’ve done that, mop up the little guys and kill the mount.
  17. Swing across the gap. When you land, use the Health Font if you need to, and ignore the path to the left for a moment. Instead, take the cave to the right.
  18. LIGHT GEM: Going through the cave on the right, you’ll come out on a cliff face that has a waterfall. Go through the waterfall and behind it and you’ll enter a cave with a body and this gem.
  19. Backtrack to the font and take the left path. You’ll saw through a Totem pole, then jump a small gap to a platform where Lycanthropes will attack you. Hit the big one with daggers and use quick blocking moves to take it and its buddies out.
  20. Climb around the left side of the platform to get to where you can use the whip hook to climb the cliffside. In the next area, you’ll encounter a Giant Spider that you have to fight and ride.
  21. This should be pretty standard. Beat the spider into submission and ride it, then use its web to create a bridge. Strangle it and move across.
  22. On the other side, move into the structure and cut through the Totem you’ll find on the right side. After you get the Shadow Magic medallion, return to the Magic Font outside of the structure and fill it up. Then, go back inside, activate Shadow Magic, and use it to open the door to leave the area.
  23. Just outside the structure, a group of Lycanthropes will attack you. You can use Shadow Magic to really wallop them if you like. After that, go to the back wall and find a place to climb up. Use the whip hook to catch the hook point above, then swing right and hook to the second spot.
  24. Climb to the top. You’ll have to work around the sides of the structure and swing a few times to get there, but before long, you’ll find your way out and end this level.
  25. TRIAL: Another simple trial, you’ll need to get back to the spot where you fought the trolls and mount up on the big one again. Then just proceed to squash a bunch of little trolls — 20, to be exact — before you destroy the boulder that lets you leave that spot. As long as you don’t destroy the rocks, trolls will attack you indefinitely.


  1. After the cutscene at the start of the level, advance forward and to the right to find a broken staircase. You can’t follow the woman you saw directly, so you’ll have to go around. Jump from the stairs and use your hook whip to swing the rest of the way.
  2. SCROLL: Follow the path forward and you’ll see a body to the left of the path. Snag the scroll off it.
  3. Now you’ll need to fend off a few trolls. They shouldn’t be to tough to deal with. Use area attacks to keep them off you and you should do just fine.
  4. SCROLL: Go up the stairs on the left and then come downscreen, toward the camera, to find another body and another scroll.
  5. SHADOW GEM: Turn around and head upscreen. Go to the top left corner of this area and you’ll find stairs you can descend. At the bottom, head downscreen and follow the path to the right. The camera will switch to show you a staircase leading up in front of you — ignore it and hang a left at the base of the stairs. There’s your body and your gem.
  6. Ignore the stairs leading through that little hole and instead continue downscreen. You’ll find steps that lead you up, and you’ll encounter a fight with some Lycanthropes. Annihilating them should be pretty easy by now.
  7. Keep moving downscreen and then to the right, where you can hook whip over a gap. When you get there, head up to the gap at the top of the area — where a Warg shows up to fight you.
  8. You remember how to deal with Wargs, right? Lots of dodging and pummeling. Stun the Warg and you can ride it. Then follow the instructions in the Travel Book to jump the gap where the bridge is blinking.
  9. On the other side, use the Warg to kill off the Lycans, but don’t kill the Warg yet.
  10. BROTHERHOOD ARK: Note that statue on the right side of this area. You can’t get past it until you’ve powered up with Shadow Magic and the Dark Gauntlet. When you return, punch the statue out of the way and you’ll reach the Ark, which has a dagger upgrade.
  11. Ride the Warg up the path and hang a left while riding it and you can jump the gap. Then kill the Warg and climb the wall to the next area.
  12. This spot is a Cave Troll ambush, and he’s supported by lots of Small Trolls as well. The little guys won’t stop coming until you’ve tamed the big one, so go to work. Play keep-away and keep dishing out the punishment until it’s stunned.
  13. Mount the troll and ride it to the left, following the curve of the area. On your way, you’ll see some stairs on your right. Stop there and kill the troll.
  14. SCROLL: Just left of the staircase is a blinking body. Get your scroll before proceeding.
  15. LIFE GEM: Now climb those stairs on the right. Keep moving and watch the left corner of your screen for the green glow of a Health Font. When you see that, move into the corner near it and you’ll find you can drop down into another, lower area. Once there, you’ll find the font and a body with a Life Gem on it.
  16. You need a new troll. Head back to where you fought the first one and another should be on its way shortly. Defeat it and mount it, then head back toward where you found the scroll, but hang a left before the structure to drop down into a round arena-type area.
  17. Lycanthropes attack you, but you’re riding a troll, so joke’s on them. Squash them all, then punch through the metal portcullis with the troll.
  18. Lose the troll and go forward. The path will split in two — downscreen is a bag of daggers (like you need more of those). Head upscreen and climb the wall to reach the area above where you end up.
  19. Head left to find a spot where you need a Warg, and just like that, a Warg shows up. Focus on it even as more Lycans show up. Once you beat the Warg, you can mount it and use it to kill off the little guys. Then jump the gap.
  20. SHADOW GEM: Kill the Warg right after the first gap and move forward along the path. When it cuts left, look for a hole in some metal grating on the back wall, right before the broken bridge. you can slip right through this hole to find a body and a gem.
  21. You still need that Warg, though. Backtrack to the gap and look at the floor on the left — you should see a hook point. Climb down on the ledge there and use the hook point to descend. Drop down and use another hook point to go across the gap and get back to where you had the Cave Troll to ride.
  22. Get back up to the Warg, fight it, mount it, and jump the gap again. This time, ride the Warg all the way around, jumping a few more gaps, then use it to climb the blinking wall and trigger a cutscene.
  23. Kill the mount after the cutscene and climb down to end the mission.
  24. TRIAL: You only have to beat this level without activating Shadow Magic to complete the trial here, which you may have done anyway. It doesn’t really affect you much in terms of combat difficulty.

Dark Dungeon

  1. Descend into the dungeon. You should know what you’re doing as far as climbing down at this point. Remember that if you can’t seem to move anywhere, hit X (or Square) to kick off the wall while rappelling and jump from there.
  2. You’ll climb down with the hook whip and then jump to a thin strip of stone walkway that will lead you to the other wall. Jump to the handhold there and work your way around, past the waterfalls, to another hook whip spot. Climb down to the bottom, but don’t disengage the hook whip yet.
  3. LIGHT GEM: It looks as though you can grab the handhold just below where you rapelled down to. Ignore it. Instead, kick off from the wall and then jump and you’ll snag a distant handhold, on the other side of the bifurcated waterfall, over the dark gray stones. From there, shimmy around until you can hit the next hook whip spot, jump while swinging and catch the second, and you’ll land on a small platform with a body. Get your Light Gem, then swing from the last hook whip grip down to the platforms below.
  4. Go through the hole in the wall toward the stairs on the other side. It’s your only path.
  5. SCROLL: Check that body on the left side of the stairs before you head up.
  6. Head up the stairs to trigger a cutscene. When you get there, you’ll see that you need two keys to proceed. Hang a left, following the blue flames.
  7. SCROLL: Your second scroll in this area will be on the left of the path, right in plain sight, past the first blue flame pedestal.
  8. Move forward along the path. A group of flying Gremlins will attack you; they’re hard to deal with because they fly and throw flames. Try to use area attacks and stay in motion to avoid their attacks.
  9. Check the body on the left of the path when they’re dead to find the first rune stone you need to activate the bridge. More Gremlins will attack you immediately after, and mostly from where you just came from, so be aware.
  10. SHADOW GEM: Just past where you killed the Gremlins and grabbed the Stone Rune is a dead end, but you can sneak up the rock face to the right just a little to find an opening. The body there holds a Shadow Gem.
  11. Return to the spot with the two statues you need to place the key in, and do so with one of them. This will extend the bridge you need about halfway across the chasm beyond the two statues. Step out on the bridge and run to the end, and you’ll drop onto a stone platform in the middle. Go through the door on the right.
  12. Ahead is a locked door you can’t get through. When you examine it, a Giant Spider will attack you. You need to beat it down so you can mount it and bust down the door. You should already know how to handle that.
  13. The issue with this fight is that more Gremlins appear to make your life miserable. Try to focus on the spider while steering clear of the Gremlins, if possible, and take them out with area attacks as fast as you can. Shadow Magic might be a good idea here, because it’ll kill everything faster.
  14. Once you mount the spider, you can use it to quickly kill off any remaining Gremlins. Then, use the spider’s web ability to wrench open the grating that you couldn’t get through. You’ll find a Health Font and the second key stone on the body beyond.
  15. Leave that area after you’re set and run quickly back to the extended bridge. Gremlins will be after you, having filled the Giant Spider room as you were leaving. The good news is, the door out of that room acts as a natural bottleneck, allowing you to lay into the Gremlins while they can’t do much against you.
  16. With them dead, return to the statue and put in the second stone. That extends the second half of the bridge, clearing the way for you to cross. Follow the path all the way down the tunnel until you hit a wall where you can climb the roots.
  17. SHADOW GEM: This one is kind of insane to get to. When you start to rappell on this wall, climb up until you’re one step below the lowest set of roots, which are just under the hook whip point. Now kick off from the wall, and when you hit the apex of the swing, jump. You should land on a tiny platform just on the other side of the shaft, where a body lays. You can’t see it at all and it might take a few tries, but getting the entire length of the swing is key.
  18. Continue to climb up the shaft. It’s not difficult. At the top, refill your magic amulets and strike out into the area ahead. You’ll be attacked by a huge batch of Gremlins.
  19. The trick here is alternating between Light Magic to keep your strength up, and Shadow Magic to dispatch the gremlins.
  20. Keep killing enemies for a few more seconds. When you’ve knocked out enough, a cutscene will be triggered to end the mission.
  21. TRIAL: All you have to do to complete this trial is to limit your use of the grapple move, which uses the hook to draw foes to you, on the Gremlins. You may not have used this the first time — I didn’t. It should be easy to get through the trial without issue.

Sanctuary Entrance

  1. After receiving your instructions, go back downscreen and take a left when you go past the big statue on the left. Follow the path around and jump past the wooden debris blocking the path.
  2. Lesser Lycanthropes will attack you here. Use this opportunity to string some combos together and rack up some magic.
  3. Follow the path and you’ll round a corner and find a handhold. That’s where you’ll be climbing up.
  4. SCROLL: Directly beneath that handhold, however, is a body with a scroll. You shouldn’t be capable of missing this one.
  5. Run left from where you climb up, and when you see a hook whip point, throw it quickly. If you don’t, the ground below you will collapse, causing you to have to climb up again and do the swing with a jump.
  6. On the far side of the gap, more Lycans will attack you. Ravage them, then head downscreen to find your first Crystal Shard at the purple swirling thing.
  7. Follow the path around the corner to the right. You’ll see a hook whip point where you can shoot up through a gap and onto a platform above.
  8. LIGHT GEM: Right when you come through the hole in the floor with the hook whip, do an about face and head downscreen, toward the camera. You’ll find a dead body just on the other side of the hole with a Light Gem on it.
  9. SCROLL: Just ahead and next to the hole in the platform, on the right, is a slab of rock that stretches down to the right. You can jump on that and walk on it. Drop down from there and you’ll find a body with a scroll on it.
  10. Walk along the railings to the far side and drop down. Lycanthropes will attack you — deal with them quickly. You’ll find your second shard here, as well as a Health Font if you need it.
  11. SHADOW GEM: Head to the back left corner of this area. You should see a big gap ahead of you. To the left is a handhold — grab it and climb up and then up again into a small room with another body and a bag of daggers.
  12. BROTHERHOOD ARK: Take note that there’s an Ark in the room with the crystal shard that you can’t get to until you’ve upgraded the Combat Cross.
  13. You need to cross the gap below where you found the Shadow Gem. Climb up onto the handholds so you’re on the one below the Shadow Gem room and shimmy to the right, then jump. You’ll cross the big gap that way. Hop down.
  14. Go around the corner to the left and climb the wall. Use the hook whip to rappell, then kick off from the wall and hook whip to the wall parallel to the one you’re hanging from. Swing to the right from there and grab the handhold and climb around to the walkway to the right.
  15. Head to the right, and don’t slow down — the ground will fall out from beneath you. Get to the far end and climb down to the ground level across the gap. Follow the path down to the bottom.
  16. Here you’ll be attacked by three (3!) Greater Lycanthropes. They’ll manhandle you if you’re not careful. First off, use Shadow and Light magics here to your advantage — alternate between them, try to focus your attacks on a single enemy, and squash him with superior power.
  17. Two things to remember: First, blocking Greater Lycanthropes is extremely effective. Try to get used to their timing and watch for them to dodge around you, as these moves are almost always followed up with a fast slash that you can counter.
  18. Second: Lycanthropes of all sorts are weak against your daggers, so go nuts. Dead Lycans will drop additional daggers, and you can get some more out of the statues scattered around the area.
  19. With care and skill, you’ll best the three Greater Lycanthropes and can move on. Head to the back right corner of the area to find a place to climb up and follow the path along the outer
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