CCP: $300,000 Worth of Digital Property Lost in Eve Online Battle

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Posted on January 30, 2014, Mike Sharkey CCP: $300,000 Worth of Digital Property Lost in Eve Online Battle

That gi-normous 3,000-spaceship donnybrook that exploded in Eve Online this week? Developer CCP says “The Bloodbath of B-R5RB” cost Eve pilots between $300,000 and $330,000 USD worth of digital property.

And you wonder why Eve players take their sim so seriously.

CCP has released an in-depth look at “gaming’s most destructive battle ever,” and though it wasn’t quite as big as the 4,000-ship war waged in Eve Online last year, it resulted in the most ships destroyed. That includes the dusting of 75 Titans, the biggest, most powerful ships in Eve. How big? These monsters make Star Wars Imperial Super Star Destroyers look like kids’ toys. According to CCP, they take “thousands of man hours to produce, take months to train to fly, and are capable of fitting massive doomsday weapons that obliterate lesser ships with a single volley.”

They also cost a lot of real-world money. I’m not an Eve player, so I turned to this terrific explanation of how Eve Online losses equate to dollars on Reddit:

You can extend your subscription every month with an in game item called PLEX, which you buy from the EVE website for $15. So you go to the EVE website, pay the $15 dollar, and then the PLEX ticket will show up in your in-game inventory which you can then use to add another 30 days to your subscription (the PLEX is destroyed when you do this).

However, instead of using the PLEX for yourself, you can also trade the PLEX to other players for them to use. A player selling their PLEX to someone for the in game currency (call “ISK”), will typically get 600,000,000 ISK for it (six hundred million). And since you payed $15 dollars for that PLEX, and traded it for 600,000,000 ISK, you can use simple math to learn the ISK value for each dollar (600,000,000/15=40,000,000).

In short, 40,000,000 ISK = $1 USD. And that’s how CCP determined the 11 trillion ISK lost during “The Bloodbath of B-R5RB” meant the loss of roughly $315,000 real-world dollars. Ouch.

See what that amount of digital destruction looks like in the video below:


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