CD Projekt on DRM: “It Doesn’t Work”

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Posted on May 21, 2012, CJ Miozzi CD Projekt on DRM: “It Doesn’t Work”

In the wake of the backlash surrounding Diablo 3′s sloppy launch, the game‘s always-online requirement has once again brought the topic of DRM to the spotlight in the gaming world. Speaking with Forbes, the CEO of CD Projekt, Red Marcin Iwinski, explained why DRM is a completely ineffective means of preventing piracy.

Iwinski said:

“First of all let me dispel the myth about DRM protecting anything. The truth is it does not work. It’s as simple as that. The technology which is supposed to protect games against illegal copying is cracked within hours of the release of every single game. So, that’s wasted money and development just to implement it.

“But that’s not the worst part. DRM, in most cases, requires users to enter serial numbers, validate his or her machine, and be connected to the Internet while they authenticate – and possibly even when they play the game they bought. Quite often the DRM slows the game down, as the wrapper around the executable file is constantly checking if the game is being legally used or not. That is a lot the legal users have to put up with, while the illegal users who downloaded the pirated version have a clean–and way more functional!–game.

“It seems crazy, but that’s how it really works. So if you are asking me how do I see the future of DRM in games, well, I do not see any future for DRM at all.”

CD Projekt has become the poster-boy for the anti-DRM movement, and frankly, the level of goodwill the company has bought with gamers because of its stance on the matter probably outweighs the negative effects of piracy.

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