Certain Affinity Making New Transformers Game?

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Published by Digz 3 years ago

Certain Affinity are probably not your most known developer in the world of gaming but they have done some fantastic work on the Halo Franchise, Call of Duty Series and World of Tanks too. For all games they have covered they have created some of the most amazing maps in the games as well as updating textures and other balance fixes for the games. They were heavily involved in the Call of Duty 4 Modern Warfare re-mastery which as we know it's original was one of the best games ever (that is not up for discussion).

The developer announced last month that is has opened a new Toronto studio to support the development of AAA titles. The new studio is expected to have at least 60 developers later in the year will integrated with the Austin HQ to the tune of another 170 employees. The studio then are looking to add to its core business of co-working with other developers on major titles to actually making AAA titles themselves. It's a big step but we love the ambition and hope they can see it through.

Now moving away from the studio enlargement, let's move on to the big topic, the studio is aiming to make a new Transformers game! With their experience in FPS games like Halo and Call of Duty I'm hoping that this game is going to be amazing and know that the Certain Affinity will see this one through, but before I get too excited I'll let you in on the why I think they're making a Transformers game and hopefully you'll agree.

The jobs up on Toronto are quite vast, ranging from Engineers to Artists, on the job application page for a "Character Artist" the job profile talks about AAA FPS games and creating visually stunning game characters for an unannounced AAA title. The bit just below that however says to the following: "If you enjoy the challenge of building a wide variety of stunning enemies, robots, weapons, and vehicles- apply now!" That points to something Sci-Fi to me! Now on to the main meat of my argument which should really settle it, now just to say this next bit is old news but the developments of the new Toronto studio and new jobs advertised are getting me very excited.

Le You has invested a lot of money into Certain Affinity, essentially they have bought 20% of Certain Affinity and have entered into a game development agreement with them and have given them a loan facility of up to $15m USD. In the first paragraph of "The Game Development Agreement" it states the following:

Pursuant to the Game Development Agreement, Certain Affinity shall, under the direction of, and with input and cooperation from, the Company, inter alia , develop and produce for the Company the Game based on certain intellectual property (namely, the TRANSFORMERS Property) as well as provide related services to operate and maintain the game.

You can view the original document here. We'll keep you up to date on the developments as they come through.


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3 years ago by GuyNamedErick

I am still pretty annoyed that I can't get the other Transformers games on Steam anymore, I was especially looking forward to playing Devastation. I can't say I entirely look forward to Certain Affinity making a Transformer game since I wasn't too fond of their take of DOOM (2016)'s multiplayer, but well a good Transformers game with nice multiplayer? I guess I can be optimistic if it is fun too.