Check out our Back 4 Blood livestream with our Patreon members!

By FileTrekker 3 years ago, last updated 3 years ago

Back 4 Blood's beta is underway and has proven a huge success, with over 100,000 players checking out the game over the weekend. It's still available to beta test through until the public open beta, which is getting underway on the 12th of August.

If you weren't lucky enough to get into the closed beta this past weekend though, you can check out our livestream where Zac, Danny, and a few of our Patreon members played the full campaign. It was a great chunk of content and frankly fantastic fun, despite a few technical glitches here and there.

I have to say I'm personally not too keen on the card system though, and the rest of our squad felt the same. That being said, the rest of the game has all the hallmarks of a successful sequel to the Left 4 Dead series - same old gameplay, brand new shiny graphics. 

The game releases fully on the 12th of October, and will be on Steam, Epic Games Store and on Xbox Game Pass.


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