Check out this cancelled GoldenEye remaster for Xbox 360

By FileTrekker 3 years ago, last updated 3 years ago

If there was one game back in the glory days of Xbox Live Arcade on Xbox 360 that gamers demanded the most, it was GoldenEye by Rare, originally released back in on the N64. Indeed, it's spiritual sequel, Perfect Dark, eventually got that treatment, but GoldenEye was scuppered by rights issues.

It seems that the team had already done the leg work to make the remaster happen, though - and now, over 12 years after the fact, a beta build has leaked onto the internet, and can be played on PC using an Xbox 360 emulator.

We won't share exactly where or how you can find it, but we sat down with the build last night to give it a run-through on a livestream, and suffice to say, it's lovely. It's such a shame this remake never saw the light of day, officially at least, as it's a superb upgrade over the N64 original.

You can even switch between N64 and remastered graphics on the fly, as you see later on in the stream - giving you a real sense of the upgrade work that has been done. It's unmistakenly GoldenEye, but with an extra shine and polish that really makes it pop.

Support for widescreen, and curiously, 21:9 ultrawide, is also featured, which gives it a super cinematic feel - I am looking forward to giving this a run-through on my ultrawide monitor soon. The one thing this build does not feature is any kind of online multiplayer, or other online features, but this is somewhat expected.

For the single-player campaign though, this a pretty much finished and definitive experience, making it all the sadder it never saw the light of day. 


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