Chivalry: Medieval Warfare Preview — Beware Boiling Oil

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Posted on April 11, 2012, Ben Richardson Chivalry: Medieval Warfare Preview — Beware Boiling Oil


On Sunday we showcased a game called Natural Selection 2, which had begun life as a Half-Life mod. Chivalry: Medieval Warfare has similar roots. Originally called Age of Chivalry, it was created in the Source engine, though the current iteration is built using Unreal.

As the title implies, first-person, medieval combat is the order of the day. At PAX, Chivalry devs distinguished their game from Mount & Blade and Paradox’s forthcoming War of the Roses by pointing to a distinctive weapon-based collision-detection system that will enable players to position and adjust sword swings in real time. It’s intended to be intuitive, but difficult to master, and I made little headway in my demo playthrough, though I had plenty of fun.

The game is multiplayer only, for now, and will support to 16 vs. 16 battles across a range of traditional FPS gametypes. Players can choose between four classes — the archer, the man-at-arms (mobile, lightly armed), the vanguard (big pike), and the knight (slow, indomitable) — and further customize their avatars with armor augmentations and other visual flair. These options will be largely cosmetic, however — Chivalry devs want to preserve a level playing field.

Most enticing is the objective-based PVP, in which players will use siege weapons to gain access to a castle, fight their way across the courtyard, storm the keep, and eventually infiltrate the throne room and kill the king. Once a round is completed, the highest-scoring player becomes the new king, and the process repeats. The game should be out by the end of 2012, so if you’re looking for a little time on the battering ram, keep an eye out for Chivalry.


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