Christmas has come to Red Dead Online

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Published by FileTrekker 2 years ago , last updated 2 years ago

If you head onto Red Dead Online over the festive period, there'll be a nice little surprise waiting for you, as the entire game world has been covered entirely in snow for that authentic festive feel. There's even some other additions, such as decorations and lights in Saint Denis, and best of all, Rockstar will be giving out gifts to players who are online over the holiday season.

It's not entirely surprising, as GTA Online has been doing this for a few years now, but the snow feels surprisingly natural, and fits quite well. It probably helps that quite a lot of Red Dead Redemption 2 takes place in a snowly climate anyway, so these assets seem to work quite well.

It's not a blanket of snow, though, which helps, there's just a coating across the ground and rooftops, which looks much more natural and isn't jarring. The best bit though is even though the frontier is covered in snow, Saint Denis takes it up a level with extra lighting dotted around.

There's a few changes to Showdown modes during the season too, and some even feature snow raining down. The holiday events and showdowns are open until the 6th of December, but as mentioned, if you log on during the holiday itself (23rd to 25th of December) you'll also get various extra gifts, such as a Krampus shotgun variant, and various supplies;

  • The Krampus Double Barrel Shotgun Variant
  • 30 rounds of Incendiary Buckshot Ammo
  • 100 Shotgun Slugs
  • 10 Thyme Big Game
  • 10 Minty Plump Birds
  • 20 Carrots
  • 20 Assorted Biscuits
  • 50 Candies
  • 10 Fine Brandies
  • 10 Special Miracle Tonics
  • 20 Volatile Fire Bottles
  • 2x Creek Plums
  • 2x Agarita

There's even some holiday collectables, as Madam Nazar is looking for a Festive Feast Collection and New Year Collection.

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