Civ VI Mod Tools & Workshop Support confirmed

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Published by FileTrekker 1 year ago , last updated 10 months ago

While Civilization VI currently has no official mod support or tools available currently, Firaxis confirmed this past week that these will be coming to the game in the future - but there's no clue as to when this might be.

It's not unusual for developers to leave mod support and tools a little later than normal these days, in order to maximise the value of DLC that may come out for a game - gamers may often turn to mods instead of DLC if these are available as a cheaper alternative to get extra content.

It was announced during a multiplayer livestream this past week, however, that both mod support and Steam Workshop would be coming to Civ VI. Unfortunately they didn't give any indication as to when this might be, instead simply saying it would be coming 'some day'. They also expanded on how the tools are currently in development, but that they would not be coming to the game until after the next couple of DLC's ship to consumers.

Firaxis' Pete Murray confirmed the information about modding support and Steam Workshop:

The team is working on those, and when we have more information to share with you, we will be sure to do so.
Of course, it's still possible to mod the game at the moment, just not through official tools or through the convenience of Steam Workshop. It's a shame that these games don't come with this support right away, however, purely for the sake of trying to sell more DLC.

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