Civilization V Will Never Be Seen on Consoles

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Posted on July 9, 2010, Phil Hornshaw Civilization V Will Never Be Seen on Consoles

civilizationPC gamers, start taunting your console friends and enemies: Civilization V is and will remain PC-exclusive.

“The thing is, Civ V is a big sloppy kiss/love letter to our fan community,” Producer David Shirk said in a recent interview with vg247. “We want it to be for the hardcore. We want to make it as accessible as possible, but (Civilization Revolution) kind of took care of that route. It’s for the people who want the kind of Civ-lite (experience). Civ V is for hardcore PC. We’re PC game makers for the most part, and like I said, we’ve gone into the console market for some stuff, but we’re gonna make PC games first for a long time.”

Piracy is an issue for PC games, and could cost Civilization a chunk of its sales and particularly because it won’t see a console port. Shirk’s answer to piracy is simple: make a great game.

“We’ve determined that you can’t really worry too much about piracy,” he said. “If people like it, they buy it. What we see is that a PC game is cracked within days or a week of it coming out. So you make the best game you can, and if people like it, they’re gonna buy it.”

Shirk also talked about interesting possibilities with Kinect and Move on consoles and basically, if they work, they could be a cool way to make the RTS genre work on consoles.

Civilization V will be available on Steam and on shelves when it drops on Sept. 21.

Via vg247.

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