Civilization VI getting Australian, mod support still in the works

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Published by Serio 1 year ago , last updated 9 months ago

You will soon be able to take the fight to those dastardly emus and sing Advance Australia Fair at the top of your lungs, as Civilization VI will be adding Australia as a free DLC very shortly. And quite soon, they're going to be adding Steam workshop integration, so all those emus can become cyberpowered shock prod wielding demon emus.

Australia's leader will be famed John Curtis, the 14th prime minister of Australia. Mr. Curtis served as prime minister from 1941, until his passing in 1945, and left behind a legacy of progressive social reforms.

As Australia, you receive a new unit to replace the infantry, the Digger, that gets a power bonus when located in a coastal tile. You also receive various bonuses to housing and food production, ensuring you can make those darned emus pay for their transgressions and attacks on poor Australian outback farmers.

But all and emucentric hating aside, Steam Workshop integration will also follow - though the specifics on that are still vague. During a livestream, Pete Murray of Firaxis stated that they're still working on it, and mentioned that multiplayer teams will also be added at some point.

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