Clear your game backlog with Steam's Spring Cleaning Event

By FileTrekker 4 years ago, last updated 4 years ago

We've all done it - seen a game on sale, bought a humble bundle, or even pre-ordered a major AAA title only to never actually get around to sinking any time into it - well Valve are no strangers to that fact, and their latest event, the Spring Cleaning Event, is designed to put a bit of fun into the chore of clearing your backlog of games.

There's different daily tasks that will appear for the games you own but don't play often, and you'll earn trophies for taking part, so for example, you may need to play a game for the first time, or play a game you've only put a few hours into but not played for a while.

All the games you own appear on the Spring Cleaning page customized to you, and once you've managed to earn all the trophies, you'll get a brand new badge - after which, you'll need to keep playing games that Valve suggest in order to level your badge up.

If you're struggling for something new to play, there's a few games that are free-to-play this weekend that we would heartily recommend, including Dead by Daylight, Assetto Corsa and Don't Starve Together.

The event is running only until the 28th of May, so you'd better get started if you want to see how high you can level up!


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4 years ago

Left 4 Dead 2 is free this weekend, so Good Guy Nick is open after so many years! Now that is news!