Comment of the Week: WoW Addiction Sucks

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Posted on May 27, 2011, Phil Owen Comment of the Week: WoW Addiction Sucks

Our Comment of the Week for this week isn’t funny (unless you’re a dick). It’s sad. And sobering. And a warning. It’s a first-person account of World of Warcraft addiction from user “Addict,” and if I were capable of feeling emotions I would have cried.

I’m a 50 year old woman. I started WoW via trial account two years ago. Prior to this I had very little exposure to computer or online games. I was awestruck! In short order I became, and still am, addicted to WoW. I lost a job over a year ago because of my addiction, and instead of working diligently on getting another job, I have spent the lion’s share of my time since then playing the game.

I neglect my personal hygeine and housekeeping in favor of playing. I am rarely in contact with “offline” friends and family anymore, and when I am not playing, I am often thinking about it and anxiously counting the hours down till I can play again. At night I wait for my husband to fall asleep so I can sneak back online and play till just before he wakes up. So I am suffering as well from sleep deprivation.

When I do sleep, my sleep is fitful, and my dreams are often filled with images and situations from WoW. I am likely going to lose my marriage. At first, I enjoyed meeting so many different people from all over the world, but over time I’ve largely withdrawn from any extraneous social aspects of the game if that interferes at all with achieving game goals, so I now spend hours alone, yakking very little, if at all, with anyone, unless I need to do that to achieve a particular goal.

Also, I’ve discovered that most dedicated “gamers” are just like me–severely depressed and struggling. I am not happy playing WoW anymore, yet I continue to play.

This comes from our old WoW Addiction Stories post from FileFront. That comment discussion continues to thrive because MMO addiction is a real issue for many gamers, and I chose this story to highlight because that fact isn’t something we should forget. Keep your friends close, guys.

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