Mass Effect 3 Face Import Broken, BioWare Knows (UPDATED)

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Posted on March 5, 2012, Ross Lincoln Mass Effect 3 Face Import Broken, BioWare Knows (UPDATED)

UPDATE: BioWare has officially acknowledged the problem via Twitter:

Suggestions for resolving the issue can be found on EA’s official site. Alas, their solutions are as convoluted as the ad hoc ones we previously reported on, and thus we suggest you continue to consider all options.


Gamers on BioWare forums have complained about a problem we can now report is true: Faces created using the Mass Effect (1) character creation system are not successfully importing to Mass Effect 3. Players who select the file to be imported receive confirmation that the import was successful, but they end up with a very disgusting “cycle presets” face where their carefully constructed face should be. This problem has been reported for Xbox 360 and PC users; obviously, Playstation 3 users wouldn’t have this issue.

Gamefront writer Phil Hornshaw, currently playing both the Xbox 360 and PC versions of Mass Effect 3, has experienced the problem with both. I am playing on Xbox 360 and can corroborate. We suspect it’s the result of a glitch related to the ability to alter your imported face, new for the series. Fortunately, there are several work arounds to resolve the problem, and we’re hear to spread the word.

* The most rewarding, in terms of total game experience, would be to import your Mass Effect 2 save file from your Xbox 360 to the PC version of Mass Effect 3. We can offer you our guarantee that this method works, and won’t require you to import your ME2 file to the PC version of ME3 first. See our comprehensive step-by-step guide for more information, and good Reaper hunting.

* The BioWare Forums have also provided some work arounds. First, user InfiniteCuts has a convoluted but ultimately successful work around for Xbox 360 users. Essentially, you’ll import your Mass Effect 1/2 face to PC, get the code for that face, and enter it on the Xbox 360 version. See his post for the full solution.

* BioWare Forum Member Janus Prospero has a solution similar to InfiniteCuts’. It isn’t quite as successful, but it can work in a pinch. You can see it here.

* A Mass Effect live Journal has a solution using Gibbed’s Save Editor. It’s rather complicated and probably not for freshmen, but it works. Click here to review it in detail.

BioWare is, presumably, aware of the problem. We’ll let you know if they issue an official response, and in the meantime, we’ll keep an eye out for any other novel solutions. If you’ve experience the problem and figured out your own work around, let us know.

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