Conqueror's Blade - Season 7 Release 18 March

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Published by Digz 1 month ago , last updated 1 month ago

Conqueror's Blade Season 7 released tomorrow and is titled "Wolves of Ragnaork." The game is available to get on Steam for free and the update is too unless you wanted to pay for the Battle Pass. The new update brings about a new warrior units with new Viking inspired northmen units where you can recruit shieldmaidens, beserkers and Sons of Fenrir to your ranks.

The update includes a new multiplayer map in a 15 versus 15 siege battle in a Norse settlement, in addition to that new runes are on the cards which attach to your weapons and armour to improve your attributes.

The update launches tomorrow so make sure you update your game and login to check out the update and start earning your way to getting those new units!

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