Console players are having a rough time in Overwatch crossplay

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Published by FileTrekker 1 year ago , last updated 1 year ago

Overwatch now has crossplay support. Huzzar! Well, perhaps not so much if you're on console and playing with PC players, and it seems that the two are being mixed together in certain non-competitive modes since the update, which has, naturally, lead to a tough time for console players.

It's not especially obvious either if you're in a lobby with PC players, and the exact situations where you may or may not encounter them are quite complex. As such it's caused a lot of player confusion, and surprisingly the reverse is true - a lot of players praising the balance of crossplay are actually playing in games where PC players aren't present at all.

Naturally, console players fare badly against PC players, who with the use of mouse and keyboard, are able to get a quicker and more precise aim vs. those with a controller. The way things work is that console players can't match up with PC players unless they have somebody in their party on PC - at which point, you are put into the "PC pool" - otherwise, console platforms just stick together and PC players won't be invited.

But as Overwatch does not have any clear indication about what it's happening or how it all works, it's difficult to know if PC players are in your game or not. The interface has no indicator to show crossplay is enabled, and you have to look into the actual Social menu and check each player to see if they're coming in via crossplay. For console players who do find themselves in the PC pool, they're having a pretty bad time of it, to say the least, and it's not always obvious what has happened.

To make matters worse if you're in a game with PC players, auto-aim is disabled, even though the advantage probably skews to PC players anyway, making life even harder. As such it's recommended that console players steer clear of PC crossplay, and the feature can be disabled. This does seem to be leading to very high queue times though, especially on Nintendo Switch, where some users are reporting times of eight to fifteen minutes for a match.

On the flip side, if you're sticking to Xbox and PlayStation crossplay, queue times are now a lot better than before, which is great news, and balance between those two platforms is very much acceptable, but the TL;DR, steer clear of the PC pool, kids.

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1 year ago by GuyNamedErick

It's nice that crossplay is becoming more present in games, though with shooters, well for PC players this means some games won't die like Black Ops Cold War but in games that are already populated on PC, yeah that can be a problem for console players. Not that I can speak for them, I mainly play on PC these days.