Controller usage has doubled on Steam in the last 2 years

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Published by FileTrekker 2 years ago , last updated 2 years ago

While many will argue that the keyboard and mouse are still the required tools of the trade for any self-respecting member of the PC master race - statistics seem to be arguing the opposite trend, with figures showing controller usage has doubled over the last two years among Steam gamers.

It justifies Valve's increased effort into improving controller support on Steam, with the company just last week adding improved support for the PlayStation 5 DualSense controller. Traditionally, controller compatibility among games was difficult on PC, but Steam's Input API is making it possible to use a wider range of controllers on games without developers having to support them.

"In the past two years, the number of daily average users playing a Steam game with a controller has more than doubled, with millions enjoying the growing catalog of controller-friendly titles everyday," according to Valve. "In controller friendly games, the percentage of players for that game that use a controller can easily be 60 percent or higher. Some games, such as skateboarding games, have well over 90 percent of their players using controllers in game." 

I personally believe that there's the right tool for the job - and games such as racing simulators, flight simulators and platformers are far more suited to controllers, while shooters are much better served by keyboard and mouse. Have you ever tried to play Rocket League on a keyboard? Nightmare.

Regardless, choice is no bad thing, and controller usage on PC seems set to continue to grow. Indeed, the PlayStation controller alone has seen usage double from 10% of all controllers used on the platform to 21.6%, proving that players are looking for ways to use their existing console controllers to enjoy PC titles, too.

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