Coronavirus has impacted a third of game developers

By FileTrekker 3 years ago, last updated 3 years ago

Over one-third of all game developers have suffered delays to projects, lost revenue, longer working hours and increased stress on employees as a direct result of the coronavirus pandemic, according to a survey undertaken by the Game Developers Conference. 

The conference, which was online only this year for obvious reasons, held the survey in which 33% of respondents claimed that the virus had caused their games to be delayed, mainly due to the transition from office to home working.

The transition seemingly wasn't entirely due to simply delays in moving developers themselves to home working, but waiting for partner companies to catch up and be in a position to provide support, with Nintendo being cited as a particular issue, with a bottleneck in game certifications being issued following the start of the pandemic. 

The feedback also showed that employees are suffering from the general "ambient stress" of the whole situation, compounded by longer working hours and crunch in an effort to try and catch up. 41% of developers claimed that their productivity has suffered since lockdown began, even where their games weren't delayed.

With a huge number of developers, over 70%, stating they've now transitioned to home working, there's no doubting the impact that the virus has had on the industry. Despite this, 12% of the developers surveyed stated they wouldn't be willing to return to office working any time soon.


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