Could GTA VI have a playable female protagonist?

By FileTrekker a year ago, last updated a year ago

It's long been suggested that GTA 6 could mix up the status quo by introducing a female protagonist to the series for the first time, but a new report coming via Bloomberg suggests that Rockstar is giving the concept some serious consideration.

According to the article, which focuses on "internal development culture" at the studio, Grand Theft Auto will feature its first female protagonist, with further people familiar with the game also claiming she will be "Latina" - and one of two characters who will be leading the story, which is being described as heavily influenced by infamous bank robbers, Bonnie and Clyde. There's no word though on if the second character will also be female or not.

There's some other interesting information in the article too. Allegedly, GTA VI is codenamed 'Project Americas,' and has actually been in active development since 2014, which is getting on for 8-9 years now. The reports claim that it was originally going to feature huge areas across both the north and south of America, hence the codename, but allegedly is now focused on a Miami-type area, which would suggest perhaps a return to Vice City.

Perhaps controversially, the game is allegedly also going to take a live-service model, similar to games like Destiny 2, where new cities and missions will be added to the game over time, although this could be focusing on an online-only portion, similar to how GTA V and GTA Online work today. Rockstar hopes, however, that this new live service approach will reduce crunch, even with the base game being bigger in scope than GTA V.

Assuming that the reports are accurate, this all sounds very exciting. What are your thoughts on this potential vision for GTA VI? Let us know in the comments below!


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